[PODCAST]: Transparency through Twitterization

In November, I shared a paper produced by my colleagues in SEI’s Investment Management Services unit, the Upside of Disruption.  This initiative, led by Ross Ellis, took a different approach to examining the pace of change in financial services – looking at major trends occurring outside of our industry and debating the impact of these huge disruptors:

  • Watsonization
  • Googlization
  • Amazonation
  • Uberization
  • Twitterization

Ross and I sat down to discuss our thoughts and share insights in each of the trends, resulting in a series of podcasts.  The first explored the pace of change: evolutionary versus revolutionary.  Today, I would like to share the second, which focuses on the concept of Twitterization.

Technology has transformed how businesses communicate with – and learn from – their customers.  Whether you like it or not, social media has changed the communication game by providing a level of transparency that no one can hide from.  And we shouldn’t.


Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts below. Do you embrace transparent communication?  I would love to hear any techniques your company is using to enable faster learning through social media.