Your Turn: How Do You Own Your Career?

What does it mean to own your career? How do you take ownership of it?  What does ownership look like when you are beginning your career and what does it look like as you progress in your career?

This week, I really want hear from the Front and Centered community – what does this mean to you?

I’ll go first.

Renting to Own

For me, early in my career it was about earning a living. If I’m being honest, I really didn’t own my career, I was renting it. The most important thing to me was making money to support myself. I began to see that attitude made the biggest impact on people wanting to work with me and that gave me a certain ability to manage my career. But it didn’t give me full ownership over it.

As I created financial security, I was more able to use my experience, education and reputation to take ownership of my career.  As I progressed in my career, I realized it was my value that allowed ownership. What was I bringing to the table? Were my skills or services unique?

And as I progressed as a leader, my teammates measured me on my fairness and my ability to drive growth – and therefore my ability to create opportunity not just for myself, but also for them.

Pride of Ownership

I have found that through owning my career I have achieved greater personal and professional fulfillment and a stronger sense of pride and satisfaction in the career I have built.

Your turn: Wherever you are in your career, are you owning it? If so, how?