Your Turn: How Do You Challenge Your Mind?

Over the years, I have often written about a growth mindset and the importance of learning and growing. I get jazzed by learning new things. For the past twelve months, I focused on a number of personal learning objectives and I thought I would give you a quick progress report on each one.

  • Move beyond emotional intelligence to emotional control. The simple headline here is I am improving, but it is a work in progress. I have increased my self-awareness around emotional control and sometimes that is more than half the battle.
  • Stretch my academic side.  I’m a life-long learner — that is no secret. To continue this journey, I enrolled in a research program, and am currently conducting a study focused on the changing nature of work, the worker and the growing use of freelancers, independent contractors and the gig economy. Side note: balancing all of this is helping me work on my emotional control.  
  • Better understand the education of our youth. I volunteered for two school boards and have been fascinated by these experiences.

Where it’s taken me

The growth and energy from each of these challenges has been amazing. I feel more engaged in all areas of my life: work, family, and community. As a person, I feel I can engage in deeper and more interesting conversations, and I have increased my relationship and network capacity significantly.

Where to next?

Today, I am on a flight to visit a client. Travel time is usually my time to write blog posts and engage in personal reflection. On this trip I am combining the two. With the end of summer fast approaching, my reflections are focused on my learning aspirations for 2017-2018:

  • Improve my understanding of the internet of things. I’m planning to take an online course at MIT. This will help me continue to challenge my thinking about the opportunities in business.
  • Understand the power of networks. I plan to launch a network-style business experiment and you will likely see more info on that in a future post.
  • Learn the value and importance of “living clean.” You may have read my recent post that talked about my kids’ gentle nudge to get dad in shape. Clearly they made an impact on me. I am not sure I can do “clean living” entirely, but I want to understand it and I plan to modify my lifestyle based on what I learn.
  • Gain a deeper perspective for women and their careers. I have twin daughters who are in their final year of middle school and I want to appreciate their perspective so I can offer advice and guidance.

Your turn

How about you? What are your learning goals? Do you have aspirations to learn more in any area of your life?  Even if it’s something you think is completely out of reach today, but you would like to do in the future, sometimes just giving yourself time to reflect and think about it can be a huge step. So tell me — how do you challenge your mind?