Your Top 5 Posts of 2016

Thank you for reading Front and Centered. What started as a bit of an experiment for me, has grown into a great (and growing) community. We are thrilled and humbled by all of the interaction, social sharing and feedback we’ve received from you over the last two years.

As you know, I am a big fan of reflection and plan to spend the next couple weeks doing a lot of that, along with celebrating the season with my family. Recently, my team shared the top 5 Front and Centered posts of 2016 with me and it got me thinking. What would I rank as my favorite post of the year?

I genuinely love writing for this blog so it is hard to pick just one.  However, I did and, ironically, I would have to go back to the very first post of 2016, Heart-led Leadership: Why a Personal Investment Matters.  You may remember, in this blog I shared that my daughter Anna bought me a book about the “Heart-led Leader” and said “Dad, this is what I think you do”.  My daughter’s gesture was a perfect reminder of how life lessons can and should influence the type of business leaders we strive to be.  It was the epitome of why I started this blog and what I hope to achieve with each and every post.

As a collective community, you had your own favorites. In case some of you missed them, the top 5 posts of 2016 are below. These posts contain a mix of guest blogger commentary, as well as practical and actionable advice on leadership and talent management. I would love to hear from you. If a post really resonated with you, please let me know which one and why by commenting below. It will help me plan content that you care about in the new year.

I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season. I will be taking a short break but we’ll return on January 10, 2017. Thank you for being part of the conversation and I wish you a Happy New Year!

5. Feeling Stuck? It Might be Time to Feed Your Talents

Welcome back guest blogger Lisa Penn. There’s probably no one better than a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach to explain how feeding your talents plays such an important role in your efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately, your fulfillment.

4. Road Warriors: Team Building Through Travel

The time you spend with your team outside the confines of your office can pay dividends. The bonds you build on the road – and the questions you ask together – can help define and drive the change you make in your industry. Here’s what I learned during a recent trip.

3. Your Turn: The Surprising Traits of Great Leaders

You can probably rattle off a list of qualities that you’ve seen in great leaders. But what about those traits that don’t instantly come to mind – those unexpected attributes that might on their face seem contrary to what we think of as “leadership material?”

2. The Meaning of Grit, as Told by a Millennial and This Old Guy

Can you cultivate tenacity? Can you foster a more motivated, passionate and persistent team? My teammate Steve Lezynski and I examine our own grit, and suggest a few ways to consider yours and those of your team.

1. The Missing Links in Leadership

The SEI Women’s Network second annual Leadership Summit drew more than 200 business professionals from inside and outside of SEI. It was rated a huge success, and I was proud and lucky enough to be a part of it, as one of three keynote speakers.