Find Meaning in Life – All Parts of Life

This has been a week of enormous changes for me. I am sending my son (my first born) off to college, and my brother in law is dying.

I am questioning everything. It’s an odd feeling. There is so much going on, yet the world seems to be moving in slow motion.

I love both guys with all my heart. I can’t help but question – do they know it? Do they realize what an impact they have both had on my life? Did I give them everything I have? Did I say everything I wanted to say? Was I 100% present?

I’m sure I wasn’t perfect. I’m sure I was distracted and I know I made mistakes.

I am also sure I have no regrets! We built deep relationships. We found meaning in life together. I enjoyed the ride with both of them and they know it. We have shared tears, laughs, success and disappointment. We shared our lives together, and for that I am forever grateful.

While one relationship is ending, another is really just beginning. It’s crazy how that works.


As I have reflected this week, it reminded me to slow down, enjoy the moment, and don’t get caught up in the day-to-day BS. Too often, we let it bring us down and we shouldn’t.

Grudges are exhausting and in the end they don’t get us anywhere, so don’t hold them. Be the bigger person.

Enjoy each moment. Find meaning every day.

Find meaning every day, everywhere you are

Find meaning every day. Whether at home or in the office, I realize more and more, these are words to live by. To find meaning in life you must find meaning in work, because we spend a lot of time there. We don’t want to look back with regrets about all time we spent not fully engaged in life because we were busy working.

It is 2017, and that does not have to be the case. I’m convinced now, more than ever, that life and work must be integrated. Bring your life and work together. Find meaning and purpose in your work, then integrate it within your life.

5 Questions to Help Your Employees Find Their Inner Purpose

A friend and work partner recently shared this article with me: 5 Questions to Help Your Employees Find Their Inner Purpose. I honestly don’t know if she knew the impact or connections it would hold for me, but I want to say thank you! You are a good friend, this is a great article and I want to share with the Front and Centered community.

As leaders, we are really only as successful as the team and the people we lead. We should be invested in their full success — not just at work, but in the higher purpose that drives them as individuals. There is no step-by-step how-to guide on finding someone’s inner purpose, but this article gives you some tips on beginning that journey with your team. I encourage you to read it and I hope you are as inspired as I was.

Authors Note: In the time between writing this post and it going live on the blog, I am very sad to report that my brother in law has passed. I write this with a heavy heart but one filled with love, thankfulness and no regrets. I have not only lost a family member but one of my best friends. I will cherish so many memories with this wonderful man, including one I wrote about on this blog a couple of years ago after my son and I joined him on an incredible father/son fishing trip. I smile when I re-read this and feel grateful to have so many more memories to keep his spirit alive.

Thank you to everyone who has offered words of support for me and my family during this difficult time. I will be back in two weeks after I drop my son at college and spend Labor Day with my family.