Are You at Risk for Becoming Obsolete?

A few weeks ago, guest blogger Lisa Penn contributed a great post focused on strengths. I view strengths as your unique assets; things you invest in and will continue to build on in order to be successful.

Related to personal strengths is personal core competencies – knowledge or expertise in a given area. The alignment of the two is so clear to me.are you obsolete_04_06_16

We live in a dynamic world – one that constantly changes. Each change has a chance to make your competencies less valuable and you run the risk of becoming obsolete. I worry about this every day, personally and professionally. That fear is what drives me to be an avid reader, willing learner and risk taker.

Risk assessment

Recently, I ran across an article on Harvard Business Review called “Assessment: Are You in Danger of Becoming Obsolete?” Perfect! Right up my alley, as it fed right into my paranoia.

The article includes a short survey to help you determine your risk of becoming obsolete. Naturally, I took it. I was relieved to learn I have a low risk – lower, in fact, than the average responder.

I found the questions really interesting. They caused me to think about core competencies and personal relevance from a different vantage point. These are things we need to think about as professionals. I think if we are low risk, we are probably driving greater value in our personal brand, investing in “relevant” strengths, and helping our organizations prosper in times of unprecedented change.

I encourage you to take the survey. As with any personal assessment, answer as honestly as you can – it’s the best way to get the most accurate results. For those who are willing to share, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, on the survey or the topic in general.

Focus on staying relevant and I look forward to hearing from you.