Your Turn: Who is Your Role Model?

This is our last question in our August “Your Turn” series. I have thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts and commentary on each topic. Front and Centered will take a two-week vacation and be back with a new post on Tuesday, September 6. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

I know the busy integration of our professional and personal lives typically doesn’t slow down in the summer like maybe it once did. But I try very hard to make time for my family – there is nothing closer to my heart or more important to me than them.

A “family first” mentality isn’t something I learned to appreciate through the years, but rather an ideal I was raised to feel. Sure, having my own family brought it life, but as I reflect on my own upbringing, I think about the influence my father had on me – not just as a father and family man, but also as a leader and… plain and simplea man.

He was (and still is) my greatest role model for so many reasons. My dad was my best friend. He was strict but fair. He led with effort and respect. He led by doing, not talking. He was not a yeller, but led confidently, with strength and passion. He loved people and knew the importance of family. His arms were always open and he was always smiling. He knew how to make you feel important and special and could motivate you to do your very best. Sure, he had high standards and he expected you to live up to them. But he understood failure and addressed it better than anyone I’ve ever met. When I fell, he was there not to pick me back up, but to help me understand why I needed to get back up.

My father’s impact on me is profound and permanent. It has been 28 years since he died and I still feel his loving heart guiding me, each and every day. His influence on me as a father is unquestionable, but I also work hard to pass along his traits and beliefs to those I lead.

So now it’s your turn: Who is your role model?

How has he or she motivated you to become the person or leader you strive to be? What is the greatest lesson they taught you?

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to hearing from you this week. Let’s let those who inspire you, inspire us all.