Your Turn: The Surprising Traits of Great Leaders

I recently came across an article in Entrepreneur that focused on leadership qualities. The article referenced a number of successful leaders with a surprisingly common leadership trait – a lack of confidence. For example, Bridgewater Founder Ray Dalio “fears being wrong,” and often meets with experts to confirm or change his decisions. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is known to treat his views as temporary, and often stands ready to abandon an idea if statistics show a potential for failure.

This article really got me thinking. I want to start a discussion – and I’m asking you for 3 minutes of your time. In your opinion, what is one surprising trait of a great leader? It can be a leader from any part of life: mother, father, teacher, bus driver, coach, or CEO. There are no right or wrong answers. Share with the group. I plan on picking a couple and writing some blog posts about those traits.

I’ll go first. Great leaders are predictable. By that, I mean they manage their teams in a consistent manner, so everyone knows the parameters they work within – and that can be very liberating.

Now it’s your turn.