I Now Pronounce You Work and Life

I have long admired TED Talks from afar. They clearly have a brand that makes them one of the most unique and engaging presentations – and in recent years, have reached greater audiences, through the power of YouTube. And now I am truly excited to have my own TEDx Talk at TEDxHarrisburg this weekend. This event is organized around the theme “Thrive.” The organizers define it as celebrating the progress of the past, while continuing to invest in the future. I love it.

I’ll be sharing my passion for the integration of life and work (here’s my short speaker introduction video).

I truly believe you need to respect your past, but invest in your future – constantly and selfishly. Survive and thrive. Remain relevant.

Staying relevant requires a marriage between life and work; otherwise, you have to make tradeoffs in one or the other. Perfecting this integration has been my passion for the past two decades.

It takes discipline

This kind of integration isn’t easy – you have to be disciplined. It’s one of my favorite mentoring topics. I teach a course at the Villanova University School of Business’ Executive Education program, “Managing Yourself and Your Career;” and I focus this blog on how life builds leaders.

The world around us is changing and becoming more open to this way of life. Progressive companies such as my employer, SEI, understand and facilitate the individuality and flexibility to marry life and work. It invests in its people as much as its bottom-line and recognizes integration is necessary to thrive in your life, not just your job.


I have spent months preparing for the event. Many of you who know me will not be surprised that the hardest thing for me was limiting what I wanted to say to 15 minutes. This may be the greatest challenge I have faced in life so far, but… I am getting there.

As I worked on preparing for my TEDx Talk, I thought about some of my favorite TED Talks. I love so many; I could spend hours watching them. After several days of looking back at some of my favorites, I thought it might be interesting to share a few with you that fit with the focus of Front and Centered:

Your turn

You know what’s coming! I want to hear from you. What TED Talks have truly inspired you? I can’t wait to hear from you and watch your favorites. As for me, I’ll be walking around with a stopwatch between now and Sunday, doing my best to hit my mark. I really am honored to be on the agenda and I’m excited to learn from the other speakers. I look forward to sharing my experience with all of you in a future post.