Your Turn: What Does it Take to Manage Change?

It’s a very big question.

If you read Change Drives Opportunities – But That Doesn’t Make it Easy a few weeks ago or read our paper, The Case for Change, you know I’m a big fan of BIG questions, and putting a spotlight on the pace of change all around us, within every industry. We’re all well-versed on the importance of driving behavior change, but acknowledge how difficult a task that can be.

When I think about what it takes to manage change, it starts with a willingness to confront reality. As leaders, we need to employ a proactive approach to growing and a desire to not settle for the status quo. Those who have been successful in managing and driving change have had an unquestionable appetite for risk and a willingness to understand and push through resistance, while maintaining professionalism at every point.

It takes patience and style to be proactive with change. You need to be able to sell the “why” of change, along with the new vision. This needs to be coupled with tangible progress towards the new vision, so that your people feel like they are a part of something meaningful, as well as being successful in their push for a new beginning.

Now it’s your turn – what do you think it takes to manage change? What did you learn from the biggest change you had to lead or manage?

And if you haven’t yet led change in business, how have you managed change in your personal life? What worked, what slowed you down or maybe what surprised you?

Please share your experiences by commenting below.