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Leaders Library: The power is in the stories

On April 10, 2018 in Motivation

At our latest book club meeting we discussed, “Don’t Shoot the Dog,” about human behavior, psychology and the power of positive reinforcement. I realized it was a great opportunity to have casual but meaningful conversations with coworkers and newcomers. I’ll share 7 takeaways from our get-together.


Your Turn: Lead Me to Your Favorite Leadership Book

On November 21, 2017 in Motivation

As a constant learner, I’m an avid reader. I read to challenge myself, stay relevant, have fun and feel inspired. As a leader, there are many books that have inspired me and one that truly influences the way I lead every day. What one book has had that kind of profound effect on you?


Your Turn: How Can You Remove the Friction?

On June 6, 2017 in Motivation

I learned a lot during a recent visit to Silicon Valley, like how innovative companies are finding unique ways to remove friction from their practices. Where are the sticky places in your processes? I invite my readers to share their insights.


A Letter to My Son on Graduation Day

On May 30, 2017 in Motivation

This week, I share something very personal with my readers, with a letter I wrote to my son for his high school graduation. The life and leadership lessons I shared with him are good reminders for all of us, regardless of where we are in our learning journeys.