Your Morning Cup of Links: Fall into a Productive Fourth Quarter

Sep 29, 2011

It’s officially Fall. With the change of season comes a renewed sense of focus — vacations are over, kids are back to school, and hopefully, you’re taking a fresh look at your business .  Now is the time to concentrate on deepening client relationships and executing your Fall marketing campaign to build your pipeline of prospects.  Priority #1 should be closing out 2011 on a positive note – and it’s within your grasp.

Today’s Cup of Links has tips on getting media exposure to promote your business, using seminars to grow your practice, and using storytelling in client discussions.  So sit back, enjoy the articles and get planning.

Grabbing Media Exposure Online – By Bill Bongiorno in OnWallStreet
Here’s an excellent article on advisors getting published in newspapers and magazines. Key tips include targeting local media, writing letters to the editor, and writing bylined articles. Positioning yourself as an expert on the economy can lead you to getting media exposure– and potentially, new clients.

The Art & Science of How One RIA Grew Assets 125% by Springing for Several Hundred Steak Dinners a Yearby Gerri Leder in RIABiz

If you think that seminars are a thing of the past, read this article. Despite the down markets, the profiled advisor has continued to invest heavily in his Fall marketing campaign – including scheduling 12 to 15 seminars in the fourth quarter of this year alone. His advice to other advisors looking to test seminars as a means for prospecting:

  • Be in it for the long haul
  • Have a consistent process
  • Immediately follow up with prospects

He shares some of his secrets, too (like the best days to have seminars and on what subjects), so check it out.

Tapping into the Power of Three  – By Dan Richards in Advisor Perspectives

Trying to become a more effective storyteller? Richards suggests that you provide three examples when discussing situations with clients – it will convey that you’ve done your homework and have evidence to support your recommendations. Remember this tip when you’re in your next client review meeting and discussing the markets and whether or not they’re going to recover (hint: they will).

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