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Last month I discussed blogging as a way to differentiate you and your firm from your competition, and set yourself up as a thought leader. But content is just part of the story.  Today I’m going to explore the queen of the equation – distribution.

Let’s assume you’ve done your monthly homework and you have a great blog and some social media messaging approved (don’t forget about looping your compliance friends into your workflow), and are ready to publish to the world. Where to publish them? While adding a blog to your website is a no-brainer if you have the ability, you have another option. A free option!

Ready, set, publish!

You might not know it, but LinkedIn is an amazing blogging platform. It’s simple to use, provides a clutter-free reading format for your audience, and adds thought leadership content to your profile to boost your personal brand. LinkedIn blog posts live on forever on your profile, and are featured prominently in the “Your Articles and Activity” section – one of the first sections your clients and prospects will see. Even if you are already blogging and publishing to another blog platform (i.e., WordPress, Wix, etc.) or your own website, you should also publish to LinkedIn for added exposure.

Ready to publish?  Select “Write an Article” from the status bar on LinkedIn and you are on your way.


Consider a working title for your blog.  It should capture prospective readers’ attention and entice them to continue reading the full blog.  The right combination of keywords help your post show up in searches. It’s best to keep your title between 50–60 characters if possible. If you are interested in learning more about how to optimize your blog headline you can start with this comprehensive article from CoSchedule.

You will need an image (my favorite sites for royalty free photos: Unsplash and, and when you are ready to publish, you will also be prompted to write a teaser for your post which will be used to promote it to your LinkedIn network.

Write regularly – maybe start with a blog every other week, until you find your rhythm. Stay consistent – publish on the same day of the week so your audience learns to anticipate your posts. And that’s it! You are now a published blogger and ready for phase two…

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The Queen: Distribution

Much like the queen in chess, your blog post can be used in a multitude of moves on social media. Just because you are publishing on LinkedIn, doesn’t mean you can’t promote it on other platforms. In fact, if you aren’t promoting it elsewhere, you are missing out.

I love this chart below. It really shows how content can be leveraged across multiple platforms. And while this image is starting a little higher up in the content hierarchy when it comes to the primary content asset (starting with a whitepaper for instance, instead of a blog post), the concept is the same: Take your asset and distribute across multiple platforms in a variety of mediums to expand your reach.

content distribution

Begin with your blog post on LinkedIn. Once you publish, that post will automatically be shared with all of your LinkedIn connections. Here’s a roadmap for the additional distribution you should consider leveraging:

  • Post the link to your blog on your website, if possible.
  • Email the link out to your customers, and/or include it in your newsletter.
  • Ask employees in your firm to share your post on social media. B2B employee advocacy results in a 5x increase in web traffic and 25% more leads (Source: Inc.).
  • distributionShare the post in some LinkedIn groups that you are a member of. Don’t overshare, you don’t want to be perceived as spam-y. Post in 1 or 2 active groups. I like the Financial Services Marketing, Independent Financial Advisors and Wealth Management groups personally.
  • Share the link on your firm’s Facebook page, and/or your own personal page.
  • Share the link on Twitter
    • Consider creating a few posts to promote your blog.  Remember, tweets are short-lived in people’s feeds. It’s perfectly acceptable to create 3 or 4 different messages with links to your post and push out over the course of a week. If you have a personal twitter account, as well as a professional one promote on both and double your exposure.
    • I also encourage you to reuse these messages a month or two later if your content is evergreen.. This can be prescheduled with a content scheduling system such as or
    • Did you reference any 3rd party articles in your blog that you could @ mention? Every @ mention gets your content in front of new potential followers.
    • Remember to use hashtags in your tweets. Research trending hashtags or hashtags regularly used in financial services (#finserv, #finance, etc.)
  • Consider alternate mediums – can you turn your blog into a short video? Can you create an infographic (Infogram or Piktochart)? Maybe a podcast? Can you include a blog post in your quarterly client meetings? Or maybe print out your post and have copies available in your firm’s lobby? Get creative and think of different ways you can extend the life of your post.

With a little creativity and follow-through, you can get into a groove for sharing your content and expanding your blog’s reach. Remember, each touch is another tiny step to differentiating you from your competition and proving you are “royalty” as a thought leader.

As a reminder, please consult with your firm’s social media compliance guidelines before executing any of these ideas. Your blog post and social messages should be reviewed and approved by compliance prior to publication. And there are record keeping requirements for broker-dealers and investment advisors.

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