Social Media Changes: September 2018

Social MediaLast month I was asked to participate in a social media webinar with Top Advisor Marketing.  We had a great discussion about the six most asked questions asked by advisors about social media. I’ve gotten to know Top Advisor Marketing pretty well over the last few months and think they have a great service offering for advisors, as well as a huge wealth of knowledge about all things social.

Recently, Julia Ritchie, Social Media Manager, began posting a monthly list of most recent social media changes for all platforms. I think it’s a great overview and one-stop shop to make sure your social channels are working the way you expect them to be, and delivering your message as you want them delivered.

Below is her latest post for September. I hope you will find it useful and Julia’s posts an ongoing resource from Top Advisor Marketing while you ride the social rollercoaster.

Things are constantly changing in the social media world. It can be hard to keep up with all of the latest features and policy changes, so we’ve made it easy for you to stay up to date by creating a monthly roundup of what’s new on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

This month, Facebook started testing its upcoming dating app, while LinkedIn teamed up with Microsoft to integrate its platform with Office 365. Meanwhile, Instagram had a big company shakeup, and Twitter finally brought back the long-sought-after reverse chronological order for timelines.

Read on for more noteworthy social media changes that happened in September 2018.


Fact Checking

As they continue to fight the spread of misinformation on their platform, Facebook has now expanded their fact-checking system to also review photos and videos in addition to written content. Using a “machine learning model,” photos and videos will now be reviewed to determine if they contain “potentially false content” and are manipulated or fabricated, out of context, or are a text or audio claim.

Facebook Pixel

For those of you who use the Facebook Pixel to track your audience’s behaviors as they engage with your website, Facebook has now expanded their standard events to give you more specific insight into how your customers engage with you. Facebook events, which track specific actions on your website, now include these categories:

  • Contact
  • Customize Product
  • Donate
  • Find Location
  • Schedule
  • Start Trial
  • Submit Application
  • Subscribe

You can learn more about Facebook Pixel here!

Facebook Dating

Four months ago, Facebook announced their plan to launch a dating app, and now they’ve begun testing their new dating feature in Colombia. According to The Verge, Facebook’s dating profiles will include a mix of photos and answers to prompted questions, and will allow users to browse matches within 62 miles of their phone’s GPS location.

But don’t worry about any awkward encounters with your friends—Facebook friends will reportedly be excluded from matches, which take location, shared page likes, profile similarities, and mutual friends into consideration. The feature is only being tested on mobile right now, and it is free to use (and ad-free) for users over 18 who opt in.

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LinkedIn launched their new LinkedIn Groups this month, which they’ve “rebuilt from the ground up,” according to their official blog. Now you can post original videos, multiple images, and other rich embedded media within the groups, which are available on the main LinkedIn website and the app. and. Soon you’ll be able to quickly find and access your groups through a navigation panel on your home page and discover recommended groups to join in the ‘My Network’ tab on desktop.

Office 365

For all you Outlook users out there: LinkedIn and Microsoft have teamed up to integrate LinkedIn with Office 365. Now when you connect your LinkedIn and Office 365 accounts, others will be able to see your LinkedIn profile information under your profile card in Office 365. LinkedIn will also add insights about the people you’re scheduled to meet with on the Outlook Calendar by pulling information from LinkedIn, so you can “make your meetings more effective and personal.” You’ll also be able to send emails to your LinkedIn first-degree contacts through Office 365, and can coauthor content in Word, PowerPoint or Excel without needing to have their actual email address.

Talent Insights

This month, LinkedIn also launched a new tool called Talent Insights, which they describe as a “self-serve data product that taps into LinkedIn’s network of 575M+ professionals, 20M+ companies and 15M+ active job listings to empower you with the insights you need.”

In Talent Insights, you can see where talent are located, who’s employing them and what skills they have. You can also use the Company Report feature to see the locations, roles and skills that are growing quickly at your company and your competitor’s company. Learn more about Talent Insights here!


Company Shakeup

The most notable news from Instagram this month was the departure of founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Systrom and Krieger resigned late this month, publishing a statement saying:

“We’re now ready for our next chapter. We’re planning on leaving Instagram to explore our curiosity and creativity again….We remain excited for the future of Instagram and Facebook in the coming years as we transition from leaders to two users in a billion. We look forward to watching what these innovative and extraordinary companies do next.”

As of now, there’s no word on what’s next for Instagram moving forward.


Instagram expanded its shopping features this month, now allowing brands to link to products not only in their posts, but also in their Instagram Stories. Users can tap on products they see in stories to learn more about the items, and can also browse a new shopping channel in the ‘Explore’ tab featuring brands that are relevant to them. Rumour has it that Instagram is also working on creating a standalone shopping app —but the question is, would you use it?

New & Upcoming

Instagram has also been busy testing a some new features that could be coming to your feed in the near future. Among the features being tested is the ability to re-share posts from other accounts, and the ability to tag friends in video posts.

As for a new feature that has already rolled out, you can now send GIFs in direct messages on Instagram, using the new ‘GIF’ button that will let you select images from GIPHY’s library. Now direct messaging is just a little more fun!


Timeline Changes

Reverse chronological order timelines are back! After changing their timeline to use an algorithm that shows relevant tweets first with features like “in case you missed it” and recommended tweets, Twitter is now allowing users to revert their timeline back to reverse chronological order, so you’ll see tweets organized by the time they were posted instead. To activate this setting, go into settings and uncheck the “show the best tweets first” option.

Twitter’s New Look

A fresh new look is in the cards for Twitter, as they’re currently testing a new redesigned version of the website. The new version is said to “bring bookmarks, the explore tab, and a new ‘data-saver’ mode to its desktop website,” and will feature more of a minimalist look.

In other upcoming potential changes, Twitter is also testing out threaded replies to make tweets more “conversational,” along with testing status indicators to show when you’re online. No word yet on whether these features will be officially launched in the future.

Julie Richie and Top Advisor Marketing not affiliated with SEI or its subsidiaries.

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