Holiday Social Media: How to Show the Personal Side of Your Firm

holiday social media

It’s the most wonderful (and hectic) time of the year. Holidays, parties, events, shopping, etc., are about to consume all of us in the coming weeks. And while your social media initiatives may not be at the top of your long to do list, now is the best time to take advantage of the feel-good spirit. Make good use of some simple social media ideas to boost your social presence.

Too often we struggle coming up with content for our blogs, Facebook feeds, tweets and podcasts – what’s a hot topic in our industry, what’s been on my radar for the last few weeks, what will my audience really react to?  But we tend to forget that it’s the more personal content that really resonates on social, and that will allow your customers and prospects to get to know you.

The basics

Some things to keep in mind over the next few weeks while you are working on your holiday content calendar:

  • Don’t take a social vacation –You may be tempted to halt your social presence because of vacation schedules and holidays; you may want to rethink that. Consider your own personal habits: when you are not working are you more or less likely to be on social media? I think you will agree that downtime, and family gatherings definitely equate to MORE personal screen time, not less. That’s less likely to be LinkedIn or your blog, but traffic on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest will be up. People look for recipes, they share family photos, avoid talking to their annoying brothers-in-law (okay, that was mean) – but I think you get my point. Now is a GREAT time to be more present on social! Just with a more personal slant than normal.
  • Take advantage of your scheduling technology – being active on social over the holidays doesn’t mean sitting in your office. If you use a scheduling system like Buffer or Hootsuite, take the time to prepare your content, and schedule them to post while you are enjoying time off with your family. If you work with a third party marketing vendor, make sure you have conversations now to discuss ideas and calendars. You don’t want to wait until the last minute when resources might not be available.
  • Don’t forget your camera – I was just on a call this week discussing plans for social around the holidays and someone said “I always forget to take pictures of our holiday party.” Same girl, same. So get into the habit of taking pictures of your company events, team outings, summer picnics, etc. You don’t have to use them all each time, but if it becomes a habit, you are less likely to forget when it really does matter.  And if you aren’t present at the event, designate a proxy to take them. After all, if a Christmas tree falls in the woods…well, you know the saying.
  • Don’t forget to tag or @ mention – If you and your team are doing any charity work for the holidays, or any philanthropic initiatives, don’t forget to tag those organizations in your social media posts, along with images of your team hard at work. Also don’t forget to tag the people in the pictures (with their permission, of course). This stretches your reach on social. Going out for a team holiday dinner? Check in at the location and tag the restaurant. You get the idea.
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Content quick wins

Consider sharing images and videos of the following for quick and easy holiday content. These don’t require a ton of preparation or planning:

  • Holiday quotes
  • Holiday images
  • Company holiday party pictures
  • Team outing pictures
  • Firm philanthropy event pictures or videos
  • Your New Year’s resolution list, or maybe a list of a few provided by individuals in your firm
  • A simple thank you/happy holidays graphic or message

Out of the box thinking

Granted, these will take some additional planning and work, but you can really show your personality with more unique ideas such as:

  • #24days: This is a popular hashtags during the holidays. On December 1, begin your holiday countdown campaign with things such as daily holiday messages, or maybe quotes from favorite holiday movies. Or feature a different employee each day with their answer to, “What is your favorite holiday memory?”
  • Holiday recipes:  Share a traditional family recipe from some of your employees’ recipe boxes each week. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are perfect mediums for this, and who doesn’t love a new recipe?
  • 12 days of ______ (fill in the blank):  Could be “12 days of investing advice”, “12 days of charitable giving”, or “12 days of cookie recipes.” Get creative!
  • Tips to save for next year’s holiday season:  Simple ideas to start the New Year right. Maybe it’s putting loose change in a jar, or socking away $20 a week, or the 52 Week Money Challenge. Keep it light and relevant.  We aren’t talking about retirement advice here.

Here are some past posts to get your creative juices flowing. And in the spirit of practicing what I preach, I will be spending the next few weeks brainstorming our social holiday creative here at Practically Speaking. Obviously, as with all my social suggestions, make sure you are following your firm’s (or firm’s home office) social guidelines.

Have any holiday plans in the works that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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