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Jun 14, 2018


Here’s a #TBT for a post I wrote in 2012 called Set Yourself Apart by Walking Out. The good news is that most of the practice management presentations that I see at conferences are getting better. Many have great ideas, deliver solid value to the audience and are fairly objective. Sure, I get a bit fussy when I see slides that make a key point but reference data that’s 5 to 10 years old (or older) or a presenter that spends too much time on how to “sell” a client, but overall I think we can always learn.

Even though it’s getting better, there are still too many presentations out there that are like what I describe in my old post and will make me want to walk out. To avoid the “urgent call—got to leave the meeting” fake out, I would suggest the following:

  • Carefully look at the program descriptions. Is there a learning objective that sounds well thought out?
  • Ask the presenter. I often have people come up to me or my co-workers to ask about the session’s topic and what can be expected.
  • Ask the conference sponsor. They may know the content or the context of the presentation.
  • Check the app. Many conferences now provide an app with the presentations. Take a look. Is it basically a commercial/promotion or does it look like there’s value?

Most important, you want to find out how this presentation will help you. What I wrote in 2012 still makes sense today: Clients will find value in what you do, not what you sell. Please enjoy my #TBT Set Yourself Apart by Walking Out.


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John Anderson

John Anderson

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