#TBT – Advisors: If You Don’t Have One, You Can’t Be Effective

Aug 23, 2018


Next week the family and I will be taking some much-needed time together before the craziness of the school year starts. I know many of you share my “Where did the summer go?” confusion. But at least we have the week before Labor Day to spend some quality time, and then the obligations of 6th and 8th grade start to rule our lives. This week I’m prepping for a conference in Texas, but more importantly, getting my calendar and business life ready to go out of office.

For today’s post, I thought I would go back to 2014 to share an experience of a younger advisor who I know couldn’t  go on vacation. The story is about the difference between busy and being effective. I know we have a good mix of younger and seasoned advisors. This one is probably more for the less seasoned advisor. My #TBT post is Advisors: If You Don’t Have One, You Can’t Be Effective.

Have a great week! (I know I will!)

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John Anderson

John Anderson

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