Market Volatility = Advisor Growth Opportunities (Seriously)

Jan 24, 2019

Take a minute to think about what your average client may be going through right now: 

  1. Their investment statements are probably showing a loss for 2018
  2. Market volatility has reared its ugly head, with huge (and well publicized) swings over the last few months
  3. 1099s will be coming out soon (if they haven’t already), showing surprisingly large capital gain distributions

Talk about a triple whammy!

A normal reaction for many advisors would be to circle the wagons and double down on servicing your clients by (over-)communicating and reinforcing their financial plan and goals.  Personally, I would absolutely do that – but I would also triple down (is that a thing?) on my marketing. 

Today is the day that you have been waiting for to grow your advisory business. (Really!) The opportunity you have been waiting for has come – if you take it.

Getting your sales on

For some, “sales” can be a dirty word.  It can conjure up images of an account-churning, high-commission-product salesperson too often in the financial media after being caught by regulators.  However, sales is necessary. You can be the greatest advisor, employ the best technology and uphold the fiduciary promise to its fullest – but if you don’t have an actual client that says “Yes,” it is all wasted. 

And for many of us, let’s admit it – it’s time to shore up (or at least enhance) some of our sales skills.

Next Monday, January 28, I am hosting a webinar called Redefine Your Client Acquisition Strategy in Turbulent Times, where we will discuss the long-term impact of a strong, integrated strategy that focuses on your value. 

The 4 p.m. EST webinar will cover:

•   How to create consistent and differentiated messaging that demonstrates your firm’s value

•   How to develop sales skills (and a process) that can help make the most sales-weary advisor feel comfortable

•   Why building a foundation for long-term, loyal relationships can start with a structured onboarding process.

I hope you will join me next Monday, as we share ideas and tools, and have a conversation about growing your business.  2019 could be a record year for your growth, are you ready to capitalize? Register for the webinar

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John Anderson

John Anderson

John Anderson is the creator and lead author of Practically Speaking blog and Managing Director of Practice Management Solutions for the SEI Advisor Network.

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