Fees at a Crossroads: Revisited [Webinar]

Jun 21, 2018


Our whitepapers have covered many topics; the value of time, enterprise or lifestyle practices, and referability. Our goal is to examine trends and research to help advisors shape their businesses for the future. We consistently look at technology, advisor practices and changing consumer preferences to form our opinions.  While our next paper does that, it also does something that we haven’t done before – we look back.

Without a doubt, our most popular paper has been “Fees at a Crossroads: Adapting an Advisory Fee Model That Reflects Your True Value.”  Although the paper is just over 3 years old, I still get requests to present those findings. Let’s be honest there have been many changes over the last 3 years including the demise of the DOL Fiduciary Rule, and the rise of virtual advisors over the robo-advisors, and the new SEC best interest proposal

Back to the future

With that in mind, next week Raef Lee and I will be presenting the findings from our newest paper “Fees at a Crossroads – Revisited.”  In this one, co-written by Bob Veres, we look at the changing fee landscape and update you on trends since 2015. As in the last paper, we use data collected from 736 advisory firms and over 900 US consumers to build a story around the changing compensation landscape. We also interview three advisors with unique fee models to demonstrate some of the innovative ways advisors are doing business.

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Monday, June 24

Join us on Monday June 24 at 4 p.m. Eastern time for an interesting look at a very important issue.  So important that we had to look back -as well as forward.

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John Anderson

John Anderson

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