Anniversaries: Forward-Thinking Milestones


Last month we celebrated our 7 year anniversary at Practically Speaking.  When we started, our goal was to create non-investment, non- product content to help advisors grow, differentiate and create efficiencies in their businesses. Each year, we use our anniversary to not just look back, but also to look forward. We want to see where we can go next, and how we can improve our conversations with you. As we started our planning for year eight, I thought this exercise would be useful for advisory firms too. So what are you going to look at on your next anniversary?

Are you missing something?

Through surveys, research and conversations we heard that building a better client experience is important to you. With that in mind, we added Allie Carey to our regular list of contributors.  Allie’s focus here – and now in her posts – is to share how advisors are seeking to improve their clients’ experience.

On your next anniversary (or sooner) why not look at advisory business trends?  Research by asking your peers, or polling your clients to find out what wanted service you don’t offer today.  Are you missing an opportunity to provide things like a 1040 review for high net worth clients or health care planning for retirees?  Look at your client personas; are you meeting all their needs?

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Are you expanding on something?

Some of our more popular posts over the last few years came from a millennial point of view via Missy Pohlig. Missy is a self-admitted “workflow geek” who studied and passed the CFP while writing for us.  She interviewed other millennial planners, made a case for not ignoring her generation, and shared how to motivate and encourage your second (or third) generation of planners. When Missy left SEI to be a planner, we knew we had to continue hearing and learning from this demographic, so we asked Brian Briggs to join our group. Brian will expand on what Missy did, but as an older millennial he may have a very different spin.

On your next anniversary (or sooner) look at your offering from your clients’ or prospects’ eyes and consider how you can improve or expand. Maybe walk through a process and workflow it out. Is there an area that seems to have an issue every time, or an efficiency that you can create to be able to do the service for more of your clients? What could you do to improve the process or expand the offering?  If you bring in a focus group or your staff, can you look at the process with a different spin?

Change it up?

While you have not seen it yet, we will be changing the photos on our blog home soon.  Brian’s and Allie’s faces will add fresh to the old. We will be adding more voices with regular contributions from Dean Mioli and others. Our goal is to make this blog stand out in a crowded world by providing useful content to our readers.

On your next anniversary (or sooner) why not step back and consider how the world sees you? Can you refresh the content, pictures etc.?  Is your brand consistent? Does it speak to your target audience or persona?

Instead of looking back on an anniversary, why not look forward. I’m already thinking about what our fourteenth year will look like.


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