Advisors: Are You Ignoring These 5 CRM Functions?

Jun 13, 2019

In my experience, many advisors still use their CRMs as a glorified phonebook (or for those of us who are older, a Rolodex). But today’s CRMs offer so much more. For years, even going back to our Next Wave of Financial Planning white paper, we suggested that while financial planning software is the value hub of an advisor’s practice, the CRM is the client hub – where all activity and data is stored.

The challenge, of course, is how to best use your CRM to its fullest potential.

Tell and show

A few weeks ago, I teamed up with Rick Williamson of Redtail technology for a webinar that we called Top Five CRM Functions That You Might Be Ignoring. They were:

  1. Consistency
  2. Organization
  3. Sources and referral tracking
  4. History
  5. Customization

Rick and I discussed scenarios for each of them, but what I think made this useful was how he demoed each with specific, real-world examples. Whether you use Redtail or another CRM, the principles still hold true.

We also carved out enough time for some great Q&A from the audience of over 600 registered attendees. (That’s always the best part of any webinar, isn’t it?)

If you missed the webinar, you’re in luck – we’ve made the replay available. Visit Top Five CRM Functions That You Might Be Ignoring today.

Not convinced? Investment News gives its take on our webinar: 5 CRM functions advisers ignore at their peril.

Rick Williamson and Redtail are not affiliated with SEI or its subsidiaries.

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John Anderson

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