The Most Miserable (Planning) Day of the Year

Jan 18, 2018


How was your Monday? On January 15, did you jump out of bed early so you could workout, eat that low calorie, low-fat breakfast, head to the office where you knocked out that growth plan for 2018? Did you compliment yourself on your fiscal restraint over the holidays while basking in the warm climate, all while implementing the client service workflow that you committed to get done? My guess is you did not. And that Monday was actually a miserable day – maybe even a “Blue Monday.”  Don’t feel bad, a UK scientist (of sorts) actually created a formula that he claims shows the third Monday in January is the most miserable day of the year. Real science, or not, the idea that we’re all a little sadder/slower/uninspired now seems legitimate, due to a combination of things:

  • We are all back at work full-time after vacations and days off to see family and friends
  • The holidays are officially over, and things become more drab without the decorations
  • Credit card bills arrive showing lots of overspending
  • Most, if not all, your New Year’s resolutions have been broken
  • Some friends and co-workers are still keeping their resolutions, only making you feel worse
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5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Happy New Year: Kicking it off right

December 31 to January 1 is really just another flip of the calendar; there isn’t really anything that special about changing the date. Why can’t we make resolutions throughout the year or at any other point in the year – instead of waiting until New Year’s Eve? We can – you can start good habits at any time. Let’s start a resolution today (or at least tomorrow). For me, the best way to get started is with some basic business planning.

Taking Stress out of the New Year (and strategic planning)

Last month, I hosted a video “Take the Extra Stress out of Strategic Planning.” This short video walks advisors through some basic ideas to help build out your plan.  We cover topics such as:

  1. Defining your market position
  2. Analyzing your business
  3. Measuring your success

We also have some great worksheets, and an article that accompanies the video to help the planning process.

Now that Blue Monday is over – the next one is not until January 2019 – we can make next Monday less miserable with a newly-made resolution. Get started on strategic planning with your newly-downloaded article and worksheets. Make it your January 22 resolution!

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