Purposeful Recruitment for the Future of Our Profession

Sep 26, 2017

Many of the millennial advisors we do have happened upon our profession accidentally. Though our research does show if we get to them early – in college – we can peak interest and encourage new recruits.


Equifax: A Teachable Micro-Moment for Advisors

Sep 21, 2017

I see a teachable moment in how advisors reacted – or didn’t – to the recent Equifax news.


Insider’s Forum 2017 – Advisors’ Glasses Are Half Full AND Half Empty

Sep 19, 2017

Bob Veres’ Insider’s Forum 2017 had something for everyone – from cybersecurity to roboadvisors, from emerging wealth to internet-driven investing, and from mutual funds to a sure-to-be hit song, The Fiduciary Blues. (Really.)


Another Perspective: Client Advisory Boards Deliver More Long-Term Value than Focus Groups

Sep 15, 2017

I love a good debate – because we all benefit from the discussion. Steve Wershing of The Client Driven Practice, weighs in on the value of advisory boards (which differs from mine). Who do you agree with?


Feelings, Nothing More Than Your Clients’ Feelings (About Risk)

Knowing your clients’ risk profile is important, but understanding how your clients FEEL about those risks could be the key to longer, stronger client relationships.


Q&A on Spousal Inheritance: IRAs, RMDs and RBDs (Oh My!)

Our last webinar, 12 Things Every Advisor Should Know When a Spouse Inherits an IRA, covered a lot more than 12 things. As a bonus, our director of investment planning Dean Mioli answers more of your burning questions.


How You Can Leverage Client Communications to Drive Referrals

Aug 24, 2017

In order to connect the dots between client communications and referrals, you need to start with client needs. The good news is that you don’t have to start from scratch to be successful – you can tweak existing strategies and tactics.


5 Ways to Let Your Personal Brand Shine on LinkedIn

If you still think LinkedIn is just a place to have an “online resume,” you haven’t been paying attention. What kind of impression is your LinkedIn profile making?


Why Your Business Needs Millennial Advisors

Aug 15, 2017

There are 4 trends that show, now more than ever, we need to focus attention on fostering the next generation of millennial advisors. This is the first of my 4-part series on the findings of our recent millennial advisor research.


Why Focus Groups (Not Advisory Boards) Put the Focus Where It Belongs

Aug 10, 2017

Getting generic advice from a cross-section of clients will create a generic advisory firm. But a focus group, made up of the clients you want to replicate, could be the best recipe for growth.




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