An Advisor Firm Gains Traction – Part 1

Oct 31, 2017

Each successful firm has a story. This one includes a solid forward-thinking founder and the three partners who built a fast-growth framework on the original solid foundation.


Advisors: Are You Measuring the Wrong Things?

Oct 26, 2017

Are you measuring the wrong business indicators? Knowing AUM is good, but it doesn’t provide any idea of where you’re going.


Developing and Retaining Young Advisors to Carry on Your Legacy

Oct 24, 2017

Keeping a long-term view of your firm is essential to its success. This applies to all the things from business plans to marketing strategy to staffing. The millennials you hire now can be the key to your firm’s legacy. Some of our research suggests how to prepare them and keep them so they can carry on.


Purposefully Staffing Your Advisory Firm

Advisors don’t stay at a firm for just salary. If they can’t see their role in the firm’s plans, they’ll leave for a clearer role. It’s important to know where your firm is headed, and how your people fit in so that you set expectations and have transparent discussions about compensation.


Reverse-Mentoring: You Asked, the Millennials Answered

Oct 17, 2017

For retainer fee models, how do millennials prefer to pay? How do established firms add millennial-focused content to their website? Answers to these questions and other Q&A from our recent webinar with XY Planning Network’s Alan Moore and SEI’s Missy Pohlig, who bring the real millennial perspective.


Show Don’t Tell. Use Content to Distinguish Yourself from the Crowd

Oct 12, 2017

If you have a great close rate but still want to grow, you should up the number of prospects coming through the door in the first place. Invite them in with what you know.


Are We There Yet? When Does the Market’s Trip To New Highs End?

The ongoing bull market climbs on, but for how long? Here are possible reasons why it could continue and the reasons why it could not.


Advisor Holiday Gift(s) in October

If each year you’re late to plan or pick your client holiday gift, I’m reminding you: do that now. With this time to plan you can make a real impact this year.


How Advisors Can Make a Splash with the Silver Surfers (aka Boomers) on Facebook

A successful social media tactic is being available and present on the same platforms as your target audience. Not so much “build it and they will come” as it is “let me build over there, where they are”. If your target market includes Baby Boomers, Facebook is the place to be.


Talking about the Future of Referrals

Sep 28, 2017

In recent separate posts, Julie Littlechild, Stephen Wershing, and I have been all about referrals and building your referability. This week, the three of us talk to each other – and to you – about what’s now, new and next in advisor referability.





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