Techno-Advisor: The Mechanics of Good Service

You’re not all that different from a small bike shop. You’re both trying to combine proven processes and automation (like a chain) with personal, high-touch relationships (like a neighborhood business). So how can you combine the best of both worlds?


4 Keys to Attracting Young Talent (Hint: It’s Not Flexible Work Hours)

The hiring process can be a lengthy and complicated process. As you look to hire the next generation of young talent, focus on the things that actually matter to them to make this process a little less arduous – for both parties.


Living in a Financial Bubble

The market may still climb – or it might not. Either way, your clients are more likely to consider your advice when things are calm. Advise them now for the prospect of bumpy volatility.


Five Tax Points for 2018

The recent tax reform won’t affect 2017 tax year filing, but does have investment planning implications you should be mindful of throughout 2018.


Webinar: The Future of Advice Management

Jan 25, 2018

It’s webinar time – this month is a sneak peek into the future of advice management.


5 of the Worst Things You Can Do on Social

Misappropriation of hashtags is punishable by lack of interest/traction for your post. And it’s one of the few never-changing practices of social media and on Heather’s list of no-nos.


The Most Miserable (Planning) Day of the Year

Jan 18, 2018

Scientifically, Blue Monday isn’t a thing. But it feels real. Now that it’s past, you can re-focus on feeling good about your strategic planning. And by midsummer – when we have the Happiest Day of the Year – your business could be thriving.


Advisor Learnings From Meltdown and Spectre

Jan 16, 2018

The latest round of security vulnerabilities are now public knowledge. You should always be up to date on the known threats, how they could affect your firm’s tech and how they affect the public at large – aka your clients.


History: Benchmarking Advisor Referral Processes

Jan 11, 2018

For a year we’ve been asking you about your referability, talking about the framework to get there, sharing resources to help. Soon, a new benchmarking tool that tells you exactly where you are and where you can go.


Rich Uncle Ralph: Here to Teach Us (and Your Clients’ Kids) a Thing or Two About Financial Planning

If, when you were 12, you received some solid life and financial advice from your knowledgeable (and possibly rich) uncle… would you have hit the ground running into adulthood? One advisor is acting as a stand-in uncle for his clients’ kids. It’s a win for his firm, as well as for Gen Y and Gen Z.





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