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In case you missed them, here are some of our most popular toolkits:

The Value of Time

Answer the $1 Million Question for Your Business:  Can refocusing your business model help recharge your business’s value?

We completed an in-depth analysis of the Client Manager vs. Investment Manager business models and learned that advisors who focus on the client can increase the value of their business.

In our “Value of Time” toolkit, we present compelling data that shows how delegating noncore functions has helped those we surveyed to increase their profits significantly. You’ll finish with five action steps you can implement immediately.

Fintech: Stay Relevant With Every Client Touch

If you were to ask yourself how well you understand your clients’ digital needs, how would you respond? Many advisors are more than a little nervous about the rise of robo-advisors and the effect on their businesses.

Download your copy of our report “Digital Transformation and the Advisor: Keeping pace with a rapidly evolving competitive landscape.” and learn how to take advantage of—rather than feel threatened by—financial technology. We discuss the 6 things you can do now to thrive in today’s digital age.

Your Brand as a Competitive Advantage

Whenever investors talk to you, read something you’ve sent or visit your website—they’re experiencing your brand. And that experience should be the same from marketing, to sales, to onboarding and beyond.

If you’re used to looking at marketing, sales and onboarding as separate functions, you risk delivering a disjointed experience along the way—and that can hurt your business.

Download our paper “Your Brand as a Competitive Advantage” and receive our companion piece “Using S.W.O.T. Analysis to Strengthen Your Brand.”

The Why and How of Switching to a Fee-Based Practice

For commission-based practices, the DOL rule is a huge downer. It may make you change the way you do business, increase client costs, disrupt relationships you worked hard to develop, and stand in the way of offering certain kinds of advice and services.

For fee-based practices, however, the DOL rule is a minor blip on the radar.

If you’ve been thinking of switching, the time is right. And we can show you how to do it more easily than you might have thought.

Download our Switch Kit and find out why advisors are managing more fee-based accounts than ever;  the potential to actually improve your business — and know what your income will be at the beginning of the year instead of the end; and how to make the switch in eight easy steps and how to talk to your clients about the change.

The DOL’s Game-Changing Fiduciary Rule: What Should You Do?

The Department of Labor (DOL) has issued a rule that may change the way you provide investment advice for retirement accounts.

You’re not alone facing the changes—the effects are wide-ranging across the financial sector, from product manufacturers and wealth management firms to every individual financial advisor, and even investors.

One important conclusion: Act now

Read our paper to get up to speed on what the rule means to you. You’ll learn: how every adviser will be affected; why much of the fiduciary pressure will come from consumers; and how to understand the BIC exemption—which is more complicated than anticipated.

Then follow our B.A.S.E action plan—a process we developed to help simplify the tasks involved with planning for, rather than reacting to, the rule.

Build a Disruption-Proof Practice

A turnkey asset management firm goes out of business. Another gets sold…again and again and again. Management changes abound. Your clients get upset. They wonder if their assets are secure.

That’s a lot of disruption. You wonder whom you can count on.

That’s why we’ve created the “Build a Disruption-proof Practice” toolkit that contains our white paper, along with five tips to help strengthen your practice and weather the turbulence.

Fees at a Crossroads

Our industry is at a crossroads, and you may feel like your business is in the crosshairs. Can you justify an ongoing AUM fee when automated solutions are driving costs down, or should you take a new look at your value proposition?

Maybe it’s time to determine whether a different kind of pricing makes more sense for you and your clients—a model that pays you for the true value you provide: your advice.

Independent Advisor Solution by SEI’s experts John D. Anderson and Raef Lee have assessed the advisory fees landscape in our latest report, Fees at a Crossroads.

Socially Savvy Advisor

Quality investors are online and their behavior may surprise you—they’re using social media to influence personal investment decisions. Solid opportunity awaits. And socially-savvy advisors are generating real results; but—there’s a right way and a wrong way to use social media.

Download SEI’s Winning New Business Using Social Media toolkit to learn how you can grow your business with easy-to-implement tactics.







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