Thanking You, and Giving Thanks

Nov 27, 2013

Our Practically Speaking blog posts usually go out early on Wednesday and Friday. (In my case, that means scrambling to meet a deadline for editing and compliance the day before.) As Thursday is Thanksgiving, we decided to post a day early and I’ve asked each of our regular SEI contributors to discuss what they are thankful for this year.

You may read this on a slow Wednesday afternoon or when you get back to work on Friday (Monday?), but when you do, know that we were thankful for you, our readers. We appreciate all the comments, words of encouragement, and ideas for this blog. It has truly been an enjoyable experience to connect with you and to make new friends via this blog.


John Frownfelter

There is so much to be thankful for this year! The family is healthy, our relationships with our friends are becoming stronger, and our faith is deepening. If we turn the gaze professionally, we should be thankful that the US economy is plodding along, and even improving in many aspects. The US stock markets have turned in respectable gains. There were no major implosions… even the government managed to kick the budget can into next year. All in all, a good 2013 for us in the financial services industry! Enjoy it, because you never know what lies ahead.

Amy Sitnick

What am I thankful for? What am I not thankful for is more like it. I am mom to two incredible little boys who are obsessed with fishing, and I have a loving husband who patiently endures all of the adventures that the boys and I partake in. And even more, I love my job. I’m thankful that this year I was able to devote all of my time to social media – helping to launch SEI’s Advisor Network Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. I’ve also been fortunate to speak with many advisors about how social media can be used for their practices.

And don’t get me started on tomorrow. Did I mention that we get to eat cranberry sauce? Forget the turkey. I’m all about the side dishes!

Raef Lee

Inevitably, Brits have a differing view from Americans about Thanksgiving. We don’t have one, and so the concept is alien. The nearest thing is a harvest festival, which doesn’t entail a day off, and so is not enthusiastically celebrated. We are also a curmudgeonly bunch and the idea of two family holidays so close to each other seems like too much of a good thing. And what are you doing to the turkey population? Two big turkey meals in about a month of each other. Is that fair? However, the US has become my home, and I’ve found it to be the land of optimism and entrepreneurs. My family is all American and they have made it clear to me I will be remaining in this country. So I’m thankful for my adopted country and the people that make it so vibrant.

John Anderson

This one is easy for me. I am thankful that I am surrounded by amazing groups of people. For my wife and I, it has been a joy to see the world through the eyes of our boys (ages 7 and 9). I know it is cliché, but every day I am thankful for my family.

I am also surrounded by a great group of co-workers and contacts that I have made in the industry. The IST team and the whole SEI Advisor Network make my job one of the best in the industry. The Practically Speaking blog team, especially Amy, Ann, Kendra, and Diane (who edits everything I do and makes it vastly more readable) (Editor’s note: aw shucks), who put up with my quirks and constant last-minute posts.

Lastly, I am thankful that I am surrounded by all the advisors whom I connect with and meet throughout my travels. I am inspired by what you do and how you are helping clients by educating them, creating plans, and getting them on track to reach their goals.

From all of us at Practically Speaking, have a happy Thanksgiving.


John Anderson

John Anderson

John Anderson is the creator and lead author of Practically Speaking blog and Managing Director of Practice Management Solutions for the SEI Advisor Network.

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