Survey Says…Nothing if You Never Act On or Communicate It

Over the last week, between having my car serviced, making online reservations for dinner, and buying a few products online, I got a survey-postnumber of “customer satisfaction” surveys. If you are like me, unless I have a really good experience or a really miserable experience, I rarely fill them out. I guess I figure that the survey really doesn’t amount to much, since I never see any follow up or results. Not much consideration of the time I took to give them my opinion.

Whether the food was served a bit cold or my car was serviced to my expectations, what good does it do me if I don’t hear back? How do I know they are really listening? It hit me earlier this week that I was just as guilty as the car dealer and the online reservation system that I use.

A few months ago, we reached the two-year anniversary of our Practically Speaking blog. We celebrated by having a lunch for all who support our efforts (see the twitpic). As we sipped our iced teas and Arnold Palmers (this was lunch after all, not dinner and cocktails), we discussed what we have learned and what we want to do going forward. We discussed the feedback from our survey – and it was then I realized that we never communicated the results to you, our readers, even though we have already implemented some of your suggestions.

We heard you

Here is a quick snapshot what you told us:

• You value Practically Speaking and would like to read more on the subjects of referrals, technology, time management and social media

• Although I write most of the posts on this blog, for most of you, it didn’t matter if the guest posts were from SEI experts or industry experts outside of SEI

• You like the twice-a-week format (a few of you wanted more; none of you wanted less)

• Much to my chagrin, you were interested in adding new types of content, such as video blog posts (it is so painful to see yourself on camera)

So what did we do? Last month, we began adding regular Practically Speaking posts by Raef Lee on technology and Amy Sitnick on social media to make sure we are meeting your needs. I just finished writing and editing a presentation on referrals and another on time management and will be testing the referral presentation next week at a conference. (We are looking to add it as a webinar this fall.) Also, look for us to do some video blog posts later this year. (In the meantime, I will be losing weight, working out, and maybe dyeing my hair.)

Now it’s your turn

We still have plenty of work to do. But so do you.

When is the last time you asked your clients, “How am I doing?” I mean, really asked them. Did you ask them what they valued most in the relationship? More importantly, if you did ask, what did you do about it?

Soliciting feedback from your clients is easier than ever these days:

• Use a free website like Survey Monkey or Free online

• Dig deep into the details with firms like Advisor Impact

• Set up a calling schedule so that you contact each of your clients personally over a specific period of time

One of the best way to get engaged clients is to solicit their feedback and communicate the results… so, how did you do? And what are you going to do about it?


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John Anderson

John Anderson

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