Moments That Matter

Aug 14, 2018

Moments that Matter

One thing I often struggle with when considering client experience; it’s so broad and in many ways vague.  A client’s experience is how the sum of their interactions with a company makes them feel. Therefore it is personal to each client. So how do you design an experience that is pleasing to each individual client? In July, at the Client Experience in Financial Services conference I learned that identifying efficient interactions and moments that matter can help you do just that. These are very different interactions but both contribute to the client experience a company offers.

Paper or plastic?

To create a good client experience every interaction a client has with a company should wow them right? Wrong. The majority of experiences should simply meet their expectations. These experiences are called efficient interactions. They need to be unobtrusive. The goal is to remove barriers and provide the quickest way through the process. These interactions – such as a retail checkout – are where we all have the same expectation – be quick and accurate.

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The crux of the matter

Moments that matter are interactions that represent a small percentage of experiences a company creates, but they can make or break the relationship. They need to be highly customized to each person and situation. At the conference, a speaker used an insurance claim as an example. It’s no one’s best day when they’re making a claim – something has gone wrong.  You start the experience angry or devastated and with your own set of circumstances. This presents a tough challenge for the insurance company – it needs to be equipped to try to turn a bad moment into a good experience by appropriately handling the unique-to-this-client situation. The moment gives the company an opportunity to prove their value. If they fail, there is a high likelihood they will lose a client, but if they succeed they may gain an advocate who refers business.

Why did I get so excited about efficient interactions and moments that matter?  It is a great way to eat the client experience elephant one bite at a time. You can easily segment the interactions you have with your clients and create executable plans to help make them better. What are your efficient interactions? What are your moments that matter? Are you already focused and organized around the experiences, if so how?

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