ICYMI: Assessing, Designing and Improving the Client Experience

May 21, 2019

For those of you who have seen the acronym ICYMI on social media posts but didn’t know what it meant, it is short for “in case you missed it.” And with the wealth of blogs, podcasts and other content at our disposal, it can be overwhelming.  Keeping up with the best possible sources available takes work.

I am constantly looking for interesting and helpful information about the client experience. I recently came across two blog posts and a podcast episode that I believe do a great job guiding financial advisors in how to assess, design, and improve the experience you offer clients.  So ICYMI, here they are.

1. What Is A Client Journey Map And Why You Should Care

Julie Littlechild guides you through how to employ a journey map, a highly effective tool used to design and help create a great client experience. Julie describes the process as follows: “Creating a client journey map involves identifying key points of interaction and the many ways in which that interaction can take place. As a result, instead of thinking only about ‘what’ you will offer to clients, you are thinking about how they will experience the process.”

2. Financial Advisor Success Podcast, Episode 114: Why Creating A Great Client Experience Is About More Than Just Great Service, with Dennis Moseley-Williams

This Nerd’s Eye View podcast episode focuses on the “experience economy” and how it applies to financial advisors. You’ll learn the four rules of the experience economy, the meaningful difference between client service and client experience, and a “weird” way to discover your niche.

3. A Lesson from Starbucks: How to Create an Ideal Client Experience for Financial Advisors

Lawton Marketing Group (LMG) provides this food for thought: “Starbucks does not compete on price. They have learned a valuable secret: when you create a pleasant experience that people want to enjoy again, you don’t have to try to compete in every area.” This post clearly articulates 4 lessons that financial advisors can learn from Starbucks when creating a client experience. It is a quick read with some good takeaways.

I’ll continue to keep a running list of client experience content I think you’ll find useful and share them in future posts.

None of the individuals or firms listed herein are affiliated with SEI or its subsidiaries. The opinions and views expressed are their own and SEI assumes no responsibility for their accuracy.

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