Feedback Wanted as We Enter Our “Terrible Twos”

Two Years, Two Minutes of Your Time  2yearbday

April 13th came and went without much (actually any) fanfare. No cards, calls or even a slap on the back as our blog, Practically Speaking hit its two-year anniversary. I guess I can’t be too surprised, as even I didn’t realize we hit the two-year mark until yesterday.

When we started the blog, our goal was to help financial advisors to work smarter, improve client relationships, and develop more effective marketing programs by providing ideas and content that could be shared without advisors having to attend a large group meeting or read a long-winded article. We’ve tried to be honest and unbiased in our delivery, as well as add in a joke here and there.

Today, instead of hearing from me, I would like to hear from you. In honor our two-year anniversary, we have created an 8 question survey. Please take a minute to provide some feedback. Consider it an anniversary present to me. It should only take about two minutes and it will help me focus the content more on what you want to hear.

You can access the survey here:

As a “thank you:” A greatest hits compilation

After you finish the survey, come back for some of my favorite blog posts. Whether you saw them the first time around or are a fairly new subscriber, I think you’ll find something for everyone.

Want to see how your prospects see you? Go ugly. — A very early post. Do you see what your clients see? My guess is no.

Set Yourself Apart by Walking Out. — Practice management is becoming a buzzword in our industry. Sometimes we need to remember what is really important.

Holiday Party Small Talk: Don’t Say You’re a Financial Advisor. — The second most commented on article since we started the blog. What do you say when you are asked what you do?

Advisors: Who is your GPS? — Hands down, this post has generated more emails and comments than anything I have ever written.


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