Your Morning Cup of Links: Twitter and Marketing and Client Meetings…At 30,000 Feet!

While traveling can be grueling on the body (4:15 am wakeup call this morning), it is great for catching up on my reading and getting organized.  I love having an uninterrupted time to review all those articles that I have been meaning to get around to reading.   I think the US Air flight attendants must hate me as I usually have a stack of printed articles and cut out pages from magazines that the have to be thrown away.   Very few of them actually make the “cup o’ links”.  Hopefully, my sorting through the stack can save you some time.   

This week, we’ll dip a toe into Twitter, consider a messaging strategy, and make your clients’ next visit to your office a more positive one. 

Why Twitter Is Important for the Financial Professional –By Mike Langford, Socialware blog

The first step in exploring social media as a marketing platform is listening – just perusing what conversations are happening right now on the web, on topics and personalities of interest to you. And maybe that’s all you’ll ever do with Twitter.  But don’t simply dismiss it out of hand – you can use it to your advantage without ever tweeting a tweet.

This article gives you six baby steps you can take right now with Twitter.  If you’re following clients, prospects and news organizations, you’ll be more in tune with what investors are looking for and have more talking points for client meetings. I’m very interested in Twitter and plan to write more posts on it in the future, so stay tuned.

8 Ways to Develop a Messaging Strategy – By Bill Good, AdvisorOne

A what? Yes, even advisors need to have a “messaging strategy” – in essence, how you build and sustain your “expert financial advisor” identity. Consider it building your own personal brand. Here, Bill Good explains how you can be seen as the go-to expert in your client’s eyes and why your clients need to hear from you first in times of bad or alarming news.

Are your client meetings like going to the dentist? – By Dan Richards, Advisor Perspectives

A visit to your office shouldn’t be like going to the dentist, says this author. He serves up several ideas  on how to deliver effective client meetings and stay upbeat amid down markets. One suggestion by the author: take vacations, even short ones, once a quarter. It’s important for you to re-charge your batteries, so you can be on top of your game when you’re meeting with clients.  (And who doesn’t want to be encouraged to take time off?) Come to think of it, Columbus Day is almost upon us…

John Anderson

John Anderson

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