Your Morning Cup of Links: Rocking Social Media Like a Hurricane

The last few weeks have really been pretty crazy, to say the least. Alongside the very volatile markets and challenging economic news, someone decided to throw us an earthquake and a hurricane, too! No doubt the impact and usage of social media was in overdrive, as people are sharing their stories and commenting on the events.

As we all know, communicating quickly is generally a positive thing, but sometimes it creates unnecessary hype, panic and loss of focus on what truly should be the most meaningful message. I was pleased to see many of you reaching out to your clients during the last few weeks and it was great to see the messages of calm and reason. (I am cc’d on a lot of advisor communications, and “connected” with many more via LinkedIn. I would love to see more of your communications, too.)

Since more and more of you are using or beginning to experiment with social media, the following links provide some constructive tips on how to best use social media and in particular, leverage LinkedIn. Enjoy.

Three Ways to Use Social Media in Turbulent MarketsBy Kevin Nichols in RIA Biz

In times of volatility and uncertainty (not including earthquakes), reaching out to clients and prospects only makes sense. Using social media as a secondary tool to communicate and calm clients provides a leverageable resource for all advisors. Also, being proactive to prospects when they are concerned can only strengthen your value in their eyes.

Making the Most of LinkedIn by Kristen Andree in Investment News

Two approaches to working with LinkedIn for your business – broadcasting and connecting. If you are going to use social media as a tool, then you have to have a strategy for its use.

When the market is bouncing up and down (along with the items on my desk this past week), that’s when growth advisors are contacting their clients. There are a lot of good tools out there to use and most of them are free. Start with a strategy and leverage the technology.

What are you doing to stay in touch?

John Anderson

John Anderson

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