Readers’ Choice: The Most Popular Posts of 2016 (Part 2)

Dec 27, 2016


In our last post, we started a countdown of the top posts of 2016 – and I suggested enjoying them over some cocoa. What the heck… today, let’s break out the eggnog.

Here are the 5 most popular Practically Speaking posts of 2016.


5. DOL and Small Accounts: Can You be Your Own Robo-advisor?

Love it or hate it, the DOL fiduciary rule is here. But this rule could actually have a positive impact on your advisory business, if you look at it in the right way. This week, I’m talking about streamlining your small accounts, creating consistency in your revenue stream, and setting up a “feeder system” for larger accounts down the road. (See? That all sounds pretty good.)


 4. Breaking the Mold: How Millennials Have Altered the Investor Life Cycle

We all know the traditional investor life cycle – growth, stability and distribution. But for the new generation of investor saddled with debt, this outdated model just doesn’t cut it. How are investors supposed to grow their assets when they’re sitting in a net negative position today?


3. The Robo-advisor Impact on Financial Advisors

The Robo-advisor “phenomenon” has advisors taking a hard look at repositioning their business for success. Our guest blogger (and founder of The Emotional Investor) Jay Mooreland describes why (and how) you can help clients make more thoughtful, less emotional decisions – something no computer program or algorithm can do.


2. 4 Ways Interns Help Advisors As Much as You Help Them

Every summer, we welcome several interns to our sales and solutions teams – and every summer, we’re glad we did. They offer fresh perspectives, a lot of energy, and some fantastic ideas. Today, two of our interns make a case for why hiring interns is a winning approach for your practice.


1.  The Letter Advisors Will Never Get from Their Clients’ Kids

If you’re not including your clients’ children in the financial planning process, you probably have no relationship with them. What do they think of you, the complete stranger whom their parents call their financial advisor? Here’s what a letter from them might sound like


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