Readers’ Choice: The Most Popular Posts of 2016 (Part 1)

Dec 22, 2016


Thanks to all of you for reading Practically Speaking. It was an award-winning year for us and we really appreciate all of our readers, followers, re-tweeters and connections. We know that many of you take time during the holidays to catch up on reading that you may have missed during the year, so this week and next, we’ll be highlighting the top 10 posts from 2016 (countdown style).

This year’s top 10 contains a few guest posts, quite a lot of millennial information (I guess adding Missy to the group in 2015 was a great idea), some technology ideas and a discussion on active/passive. The overriding theme in 2016 was DOL (and frankly, I didn’t include all of them here – but here’s a list of every DOL post we’ve done). Believe me, we will still be talking DOL next year.

So sit back, grab a cup of cocoa and join us in reviewing some of our most popular posts from 2016. Thanks again for reading and Happy New Year!


10. The Prescription for What Ails Your Fee Structure

Are fee conversations a bitter pill you’re asking clients to swallow? The problem may not lie in your fee structure, but in their perception of your value. I have an analogy that may help you rethink your model.


9. “It’s Complicated” – Our Relationship Status with Active vs. Passive Investing Approaches (Part 1)

The debate has raged for decades – is active investing better (or worse) than passive investing? The answer actually isn’t so cut and dry. A look at a few different asset classes across fixed income and equity explains why.


8. How Risk Can Revolutionize Your Engagement with Prospective Clients

If you’re only talking about risk during asset allocation conversations, you’re missing an opening to accelerate trust-building with prospects. In his guest blog, Aaron Klein, CEO of Riskalyze, says advisors should take the risk conversation from a questionnaire to a new way of prospect engagement.


7. The Next New Thing – Content and the Advisor Website

What first impression does your website give to prospects and clients? If that question made you hang your head (or go to your website because you can’t even remember what it looks like), then today’s post is for you.


6. Not Your Father’s Financial Planning Conference: What I Learned at XYPN16

I’m a big fan of XY Planning Network’s #XYPN16 Conference. Not only do I get the opportunity to speak to advisors, but it’s great place to challenge my assumptions. This year, I have 3 key takeaways that may have you rethinking certain aspects of planning (practice management, modular and education).


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