Advisor Webinar: What Your HNW Clients Know (That You Don’t)

Oct 18, 2018


Our 2018 whitepapers had a theme.  We wanted to explore how the business is evolving from advisor-centric to client-centric.  We have seen the shift from an environment where the advisor chooses how to engage with the client, which products and services to offer, and the compensation they receive to one where the client is in control.

In the spring, we started with The Next Wave of Advice Management.  It explored the pivot in planning to meet clients’ desire for more personalized and customized advice and planning. We looked at advisor options for delivering that advice but with scale and leverage.

Over the summer, we revisited Fees at a Crossroads an update to our 2015 paper about the changing nature of advisor compensation.  In it, we stress that the consumer perception of the gap between price and value is still an issue, and advisors need to be aware as well as look at alternatives (and many are.)

Today, I’m pleased to announce  the third in the trilogy, Your High Net Worth Client Strategy: It’s What They Want, Not What You Know will be released in a few weeks.  Co-written by Allie Carey, our director of client experience, and developed with the support of the Financial Planning Association® we surveyed over 900 US households and 375 HNW advisors. The paper looks at:

  • Why HNW investors may leave, even when they’re satisfied
  • What it means to truly understand their needs
  • How to earn your HNW clients’ trust

We interviewed four successful HNW client advisors for tips on creating a service model that focuses on making your client experience personal.

Want a preview of the paper? Join Allie and me on Monday Oct 22 at 4 p.m. Eastern Time for our preview webinar:  Your High Net Worth Client Strategy: It’s What They Want, Not What You Know as we close out our 2018 series. We talked about how to plan for the clients, how to charge them and now  we focus on how to service them. You don’t want to miss this one.

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John Anderson

John Anderson

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