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Webinar: The Future of Advice Management

Jan 25, 2018

It’s webinar time – this month is a sneak peek into the future of advice management.


Capturing the Attention of Millennials Marg, Chip and Drew: Be Relevant and Digital

May 16, 2017

Last week, we met millennials Marg, Chip and Drew. This week, we’ll discuss how you can take those 3 segments and effectively market to them in a way that addresses their needs as potential clients, as well as your needs as a business-owner, trying to maintain a profitable practice.


You’ve Got Mail (You Don’t Want): Responding to Investment Articles Sent by Clients [VIDEO]

Aug 25, 2016

You’ve seen them – provocatively titled articles about some new investment strategy or the impending implosion of the financial markets. Your clients are seeing them, too. And if they are forwarding them to you, and you are responding to them, you’ve got a problem.


3 Steps to Make Hiring More Than a Gut Decision

Aug 18, 2016

Going with your gut may help you make some business decisions, but unless you’ve got solid experience in interviewing candidates, your “gut check” hire might end up being a thorn in your side. Today’s guest post is from Amy Kizer, managing partner of TalentLink Solutions. Her advice is to balance your “gut feelings” about a candidate with actual data.


Breaking the Mold: How Millennials Have Altered the Investor Life Cycle

Aug 16, 2016

We all know the traditional investor life cycle – growth, stability and distribution. But for the new generation of investor saddled with debt, this outdated model just doesn’t cut it. How are investors supposed to grow their assets when they’re sitting in a net negative position today?


Why No One Wants to be an Advisor When They Grow Up

Jun 14, 2016

Chances are, “a financial advisor!” was not your answer to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” (even after your “superhero” and “fireman” phase). Why is it that so many young people never consider financial planning as a potential career path? It’s kind of our industry’s fault, but we can do something about it.


When Diversification “Fails”… Diversify

Diversification remains a great way to help manage risk while gaining exposure to the broad markets over time. But a nervous client may not see that. Here are some examples you can use to help explain variability in asset class returns, as well as the consistency diversification can add over time.


When You’re the Asset, Allocate Wisely

Mar 31, 2016

How many hats do you wear in your advisory business? Those hats may be keeping you from focusing on the things that truly matter to your clients. Maybe it’s time reallocate yourself.


The Next New Thing – Content and the Advisor Website

Mar 29, 2016

What first impression does your website give to prospects and clients? If that question made you hang your head (or go to your website because you can’t even remember what it looks like), then today’s post is for you.


The Prescription for What Ails Your Fee Structure

Mar 24, 2016

Are fee conversations a bitter pill you’re asking clients to swallow? The problem may not lie in your fee structure, but in their perception of your value. I have an analogy that may help you rethink your model.





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