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A (Winning) Case for Branding – Not Selling – Yourself on Social

Oct 13, 2016

Social media isn’t about selling yourself; it’s about introducing yourself. Who you are. What you think is important. What you think your audience would find valuable. The selling comes later. Here’s an award-winning example of what I mean.


The Drive to Digital: Make it a Road Well Traveled

Oct 11, 2016

Your clients want it. You might be resisting it. But if you don’t think smart technologies are going to differentiate you from your competition in the future, you haven’t been paying attention.


Is Your Time Worth $1M? It Depends on How You’re Using it

If someone told you that you could potentially increase the value of your business by more than $1M per year over a 10-year period, would you want to hear more? And then would you groan if they said the “O” word (outsourcing)? How about if their claim was backed by hard data? That’s what I thought.


Not Your Father’s Financial Planning Conference: What I Learned at XYPN16

I’m a big fan of XY Planning Network’s #XYPN16 Conference. Not only do I get the opportunity to speak to advisors, but it’s great place to challenge my assumptions. This year, I have 3 key takeaways that may have you rethinking certain aspects of planning (practice management, modular and education).


Are Advisors Ready for “The Big Shift”? (Hint: You Better Be)

Sep 29, 2016

If you’re planning for 2017, that’s great. But if you’re not planning for all the tomorrows after that, you may be short-changing your business. There’s a new study out that looks at the 5 megatrends that will profoundly change the wealth industry; let’s take a look at the first.


4 Ways Advisors Can Retain Young Employees (from Someone Who Was Retained)

Sep 13, 2016

Millennials are notorious for jumping from job to job. Keep your best millennial employees – who could be the future of your business – by giving them compelling reasons to stay. (And this might surprise you, but I’m not talking about perks.)


Kicking it Old School: Get Back to Basics with Your Clients (and Yourself)

It’s September – the most wonderful time of the year, according to some parents of school-age children. But “back to school” is also a great time for advisors. You can educate yourself or your clients (or both) – which can ultimately strengthen your relationships with clients.


If There Is a Magic Bullet, This Is It.

Aug 30, 2016

To be truly engaged at work you should be present in all things physical, emotional and cognitive. It sounds a little tiring, honestly. In her guest post, Julie Littlechild of Absolute Engagement, acknowledges that it’s difficult to get there, but she also assures that it’s equally as rewarding. This is the 5-step process that can lead to better performance.


3 Ways You’re Hurting Your Advisory Business By Winning Clients

Jul 21, 2016

There’s a competitor in all of us. And that’s great – until it isn’t. With every new client “win,” you should consider what it does for your business long-term. Using that lens can help you determine when the winning strategy is to actually say no.


On Brexit, Betterment and Conversations with Clients

What do you have that robos don’t? A face, for one (a pretty critical component for face-to-face conversations). But there’s oh so much more. Let’s look at a recent, real-world example that shines a light on the fundamental differences between man (and woman) and machine.




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