Raef Lee

Raef Lee

Raef Lee is the technology contributor for Practically Speaking and he also serves as a Managing Director for the SEI Advisor Network. He is responsible for the identification of new services and markets for the SEI Advisor Network. He defines new product offerings for advisors either by partnering with best-of-breed companies or shepherding the requirements into SEI’s development teams. In addition, Raef identifies ways for the Advisor Network’s innovative business model to be leveraged in new markets.

Want to know a little more about Raef? He loves his wine and food (probably too much), is originally from England, and enjoys being a dad to his young daughter.

Recent posts by Raef:

Aggregation or Aggravation

Aggregation data is the foundation of good planning and investment decisions and our industry is becoming increasingly better at using it.

Facing Down the Legacy Software Dilemma

When it’s time to replace your firm’s legacy software, it may be best to rip off the bandage.

Advisor Learnings From Meltdown and Spectre

The latest round of security vulnerabilities are now public knowledge. You should always be up to date on the known threats, how they could affect your firm’s tech and how they affect the public at large – aka your clients.

An Advisor Firm Gains Traction – Part 2

In part 2 of this two-parter, we asked Diversified, LLC for details about how they follow the Traction method. And how it’s strengthened and re-energized their business.

An Advisor Firm Gains Traction – Part 1

Each successful firm has a story. This one includes a solid forward-thinking founder and the three partners who built a fast-growth framework on the original solid foundation.

Insider’s Forum 2017 – Advisors’ Glasses Are Half Full AND Half Empty

Bob Veres’ Insider’s Forum 2017 had something for everyone – from cybersecurity to roboadvisors, from emerging wealth to internet-driven investing, and from mutual funds to a sure-to-be hit song, The Fiduciary Blues. (Really.)

Use Client Feedback to Drive Engagement and Growth

A well-designed client survey has the power to deepen your relationships with your clients and transform your business. Actifi’s Martha Blenkush says the effectiveness of your survey hinges on the questions you ask and what you do with the results.

Do I Need a Robo Solution?

Offering a robo solution for some of your clients can be tricky. It helps if, from the outset, you focus on the correct segment of your clients and have a clear vision of what your offer will be. Ask yourself these questions to build – or not – a robo solution into your business.

The Rise and Fall of the Robo Empire

They’ve seemingly been with us forever, but robos only came on the scene around 2008. Here are some key events from their life story thus far.

Client Portals – Many Options, Different Goals

We are at the beginning of the age of the comprehensive client portal. There are many players with numerous capabilities and goals, but the overarching goal is the same – putting investors at the center of the financial universe.



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