Missy Pohlig

Missy Pohlig

Missy Pohlig is the millennial contributor for Practically Speaking and also serves as Program Manager for the Solutions Team in the SEI Advisor Network, helping identify and support the delivery of practice management solutions to SEI Advisors. In addition to her involvement in the development of SEI’s ProcessWise workflow program, Missy helped launch SEI’s PathFinder Program for mergers, acquisitions, succession, and business building.

Want to know more about Missy? She’s on the board of directors for Ryan’s Case for Smiles, an avid runner and currently studying for her CFP.

Recent posts by Missy:

My Parting Words: 4 Key Takeaways for Advisors

This week, Missy shares her top 4 final insights, gleaned from her years of compiling knowledge and research into blog posts.

4 Keys to Attracting Young Talent (Hint: It’s Not Flexible Work Hours)

The hiring process can be a lengthy and complicated process. As you look to hire the next generation of young talent, focus on the things that actually matter to them to make this process a little less arduous – for both parties.

Rich Uncle Ralph: Here to Teach Us (and Your Clients’ Kids) a Thing or Two About Financial Planning

If, when you were 12, you received some solid life and financial advice from your knowledgeable (and possibly rich) uncle… would you have hit the ground running into adulthood? One advisor is acting as a stand-in uncle for his clients’ kids. It’s a win for his firm, as well as for Gen Y and Gen Z.

SEI Surveyed Millennial Advisors: What Did We Learn?

Revisiting the key findings from our millennial advisor research: what can we do to attract, retain and encourage a new generation of financial advisors?

Developing and Retaining Young Advisors to Carry on Your Legacy

Keeping a long-term view of your firm is essential to its success. This applies to all the things from business plans to marketing strategy to staffing. The millennials you hire now can be the key to your firm’s legacy. Some of our research suggests how to prepare them and keep them so they can carry on.

Reverse-Mentoring: You Asked, the Millennials Answered

For retainer fee models, how do millennials prefer to pay? How do established firms add millennial-focused content to their website? Answers to these questions and other Q&A from our recent webinar with XY Planning Network’s Alan Moore and SEI’s Missy Pohlig, who bring the real millennial perspective.

Purposeful Recruitment for the Future of Our Profession

Many of the millennial advisors we do have happened upon our profession accidentally. Though our research does show if we get to them early – in college – we can peak interest and encourage new recruits.

Why Your Business Needs Millennial Advisors

There are 4 trends that show, now more than ever, we need to focus attention on fostering the next generation of millennial advisors. This is the first of my 4-part series on the findings of our recent millennial advisor research.

Life, Legacy and the Pursuit of Your Clients’ Kids

How do you create an opportunity to get in front of your clients’ kids so you can demonstrate your true value to them? This week’s guest blogger, Abby Schneiderman, Co-CEO of Everplans, has some thoughts about facilitating discussions that may help open a door to the next generation.

How to Profitably Serve Millennials Marg, Chip and Drew

Millennials Marg, Chip and Drew don’t want the same planning process and level of service that you provide your HNW clients. And you don’t either, because it won’t be profitable. You need to find a service model that meets their needs and makes sense for your business.



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