John Frownfelter

John Frownfelter

John Frownfelter is the investments contributor for Practically Speaking and the Managing Director of Investment Solutions within the SEI Advisor Network. John is responsible for creating investment solutions and products for SEI’s advisors for use in meeting the investment objectives of high-net-worth individuals. He coordinates and liaises with SEI’s Investment Management Unit in order to align SEI’s investment solution with the SEI Advisor Network’s needs.

Want to know more about John? Prior to beginning his professional financial career, John served his country for six years as a specialist in the United States Army, he’s a proud dad to two boys, a former football player and now coach.

Recent posts by John:

Five Tax Reform Points for 2018

The recent tax reform won’t affect 2017 tax year filing, but does have investment planning implications you should be mindful of throughout 2018.

FIFO: The New Four Letter Word

The FIFO rule was excluded from the final version of the tax bill, but it’s not necessarily gone for good. The mechanics of selling remain the same, the best case scenario for tax-aware investors.

Morningstar: Friend or Foe?

The recent scrutiny of Morningstar has many re-thinking the data aggregation company’s popular rating system. Its simplicity and ease of use are the things that make it controversial

Are We There Yet? When Does the Market’s Trip To New Highs End?

The ongoing bull market climbs on, but for how long? Here are possible reasons why it could continue and the reasons why it could not.

Feelings, Nothing More Than Your Clients’ Feelings (About Risk)

Knowing your clients’ risk profile is important, but understanding how your clients FEEL about those risks could be the key to longer, stronger client relationships.

4 Reasons to Stay Bullish About this Bull Market

The saying, “You can never have too much of a good thing” is usually followed by, “Nothing lasts forever.” When you consider the current bull market began in March 2009, you (and your clients) may be wondering when this bull will expire.

Why Diversification Rarely Wins, but Rarely Loses

The story of relative stability may not be an exciting one, but that’s sort of the point. Here’s why we think diversification is the right approach.

For S&Pete’s Sake: How to Get Your Clients to Break Up with This Index

Are indexes like the S&P 500 mucking up your conversations with clients? What they don’t know about benchmarking could hurt – both their investments and their opinion of your value. Time for a reality check.

The DALBAR QAIB: It’s Behavior (Not Performance) That Hurts Investors Most

Another year, another DALBAR QAIB to remind us that investors are often their own worst enemies. Here’s a summary of the latest report, along with the goals-based case for staying the course.

Investment Management in a Fiduciary World

If you’re acting in an investment management capacity to your clients, it’s critical that you are confident in (and can document) the efficacy of your process. Here’s what it takes to build out and manage your investment infrastructure.



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