Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson is the social media contributor for Practically Speaking and Social Media Manager in the SEI Advisor Network. She oversees all aspects of social media, from writing, project management, social channel management, compliance management, and publishing. In addition to social media, she’s directly involved in the development and execution of our large-scale national and regional client conferences.

Want to know more about Heather? She’s an expert-level PowerPoint guru, a certified massage therapist, an avid music lover with a degree from Ithaca College in vocal performance and audio production, and a self-described Jill-of-all-trades. She’s also a wife and mother of two very active kids, and can usually be found on the sports sidelines, enthusiastically embarrassing her children.

Recent posts by Heather:

How to Get a Reputation on Social Media (in a Good Way)

You have the opportunity to literally be in the palm of your clients’ and prospects’ hands every day – are you taking advantage of it?

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Social media has gone from “trendy” to creating trends that all businesses should consider and learn from. These 5 may have you calling an audible on social media.

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Holiday Social Media: How to Show the Personal Side of Your Firm

Holiday vacations and slower workdays mean more eyes on social networks. Keep your brand and message going strong over the next six weeks with a little holiday twist.

What’s Your Social “Backup Bench” Plan?

Like all teams, your social media team should have a well-prepared bench. Whether as regular contributor, or stepping in during injury, the backups help you successfully execute your plans despite an absence.

Social Media Changes: September 2018

Keeping up with the social platforms’ changes can be a challenge. Luckily, our guest blogger does that for you.

Listening, Listening And More Listening

If you’re struggling to understand the value of social to your firm, or how it plays a role in your marketing strategy, we have a few things you should hear.

Secret LinkedIn Prospecting Tool: LinkedIn Alumni

Let’s talk about LinkedIn – it’s the “more serious” platform, but it is rife with prospecting opportunities. One tool in particular can help you find others who also root for the Bombers – or Panthers, or Terps – which is an easy way to establish a connection.

Putnam Social Advisor 5.0: Ahead of the Curve Overview

According to the latest Putnam Social Advisor Survey, advisors who engage in regular social media activity report gaining new clients and improving client relationships.

Tuning-In to Your Clients on Social

If you can’t hear a cacophony of clients on social media, it’s because they’re not so loud about it. Or you’re tuned into the wrong channel.



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