Dean Mioli

Dean Mioli

Dean Mioli is a regular tax and personal-trust contributor for Practically Speaking and the Director of Investment Planning for the SEI Advisor Network. He is responsible for supporting the delivery of advice-driven asset management solutions for SEI’s advisors and their clients in the form of custom investment case analysis and proposal support, as well as technical investment support for SEI’s advisors and relationship directors and managers. An active presenter and speaker, Dean has also authored articles for The Tax Advisor and the Philadelphia Estate Planning Journal.

Want to know more about Dean? Dean is a competitive pistol shooter, loves live music and is World War II history buff. He and his wife are parents to their two dogs, Gunnar and Axel – two pups who know everything, but never tell.

Recent posts by Dean:

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Many of your clients could be in a lower tax bracket, how can you help them take advantage of this and the other changes for tax year 2018?

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Itemizing isn’t what it used to be, but consider this option for your clients of a certain age.

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At midnight, the tax year resets, this time with new brackets and rules. A peek at your clients’ returns can guide you in finding the ways to help your clients and up your share of their business.

After-Tax Season Is the Right Time to Talk About Roth Conversions

Your clients may have an aversion to paying taxes; we get that. However, there are ways to minimize the bite that taxes take. Consider new tax brackets and the pro-rata rule to determine if Roth conversion is beneficial for your clients.

5 Ways to Take Action on the New Tax Cuts Act

A year from now, we’ll be in the first tax season of the new tax bill. Your clients and prospects could use your counsel now to move forward in the right direction.

More Questions (and Answers) About Non-Spouse IRA Inheritance

As a follow-up to our latest Tax Planning Academy, an informative Q&A that includes some of the questions we couldn’t get to while we were “live.”



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