Brian Briggs

Brian Briggs

Brian Briggs is the millennial contributor for Practically Speaking and a Senior Investment Analyst responsible for supporting the delivery of advice-driven asset management solutions for advisors and their clients. This investment/financial planning support includes custom investment case analysis and presentation support for advisors, as well as comprehensive financial planning support for advisors and relationship managers. Brian also serves on the board of SEI Diversity.

Want to know more about Brian? Outside of SEI, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, adding to his extensive (and rather impressive) sneaker collection and staying active in the gym. Brian is also studying for the CFP® exam.

Recent posts by Brian:

The Gift of Volatility

After years of ever-improving markets, one of the gifts of 2018 is perspective. Your end-of-year message to clients can focus on action items that are in your control and not so tightly-linked to markets.

Growth vs. Value (To Your Firm)

There are two modes to career building; growth and value. Assess which one you’re in (or should be in) to help make your next move.

Advisors – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Guest Gen-X blogger Laura did NOT win a cool billion last week (not for a lack of trying, apparently) but her search for a financial advisor is heating up. This week, she shares what happened when she Googled you.

Dear 25-Year-Old Brian, It Gets Better

If you had an opportunity to tell your younger self that things will be okay, would younger you have relaxed and appreciated the life/work lessons?

On the Contrary, Unicorns DO Exist

Dear Retiring Advisors, perhaps the succession unicorn you seek looks different than you expect. Have any younger advisors already on your team? If you plan your succession well, they might be the future.

Advisors: Don’t You Forget About Me

Our guest blogger – a real-life GenXer – admits that it’s time to stop messing around and think of her future.


Gone are the days of interns doing only mundane tasks, they can share diverse insights to bolster your firm for the future.

Millennials – The One Click Generation

Millennials like things fast: their apps, their food, and their financial careers. You can’t actually rush the latter.

Summertime, Time to Sit Back and Unwind

You can slow down, but don’t take the summer off. Maintain – or build – client relationships with a little something to break the monotony.

When it’s Time to Fire Your Advisor

All relationships are challenging. In the advisor/client relationship either side might want it over. If you’re the client, it’s about your needs and wants, and your financial future. Sometimes it is actually them.



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