Amy Sitnick

Amy Sitnick

Amy Sitnick is the social media contributor for Practically Speaking and also serves as a Senior Marketing Manager for the SEI Advisor Network. In this role, she is responsible for the overall social media marketing strategy for the SEI Advisor Network, including managing the Practically Speaking blog, as well as the SEI Advisor Network’s presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. She loves to consult with advisors on using social media in their practices.

Want to know a little more about Amy? She loves to speak Espanol, enjoys cooking exotic meals and playing with her two, wild little boys.

Recent posts by Amy:

Referrals via LinkedIn: Go From “It’s Complicated” to “In a Relationship”

LinkedIn is THE professional networking site favored by financial advisors. However, while most advisors have a LinkedIn profile, many aren’t sure how to use LinkedIn to cultivate referrals.

Today’s blog post with Amy Sitnick and featuring training specialist Todd Greider, discusses how you can use your network of connections online to develop relationships and get introductions to qualified prospects.

Read the post and give their suggestions a test. Do these networking tips help you utilize LinkedIn more effectively?

The Politician’s Guide to Social Media: 7 Rules Advisors Should Use

If you’re following the candidates running for president next year, there’s a lot you can learn this election cycle about incorporating social media into your marketing mix.

Walk through seven social media benefits used by major campaigns in today’s blog post from Amy Sitnick.

Hear Me Roar: 10 Ways Female Advisors Can Build Their Brand and Business

Despite women controlling 80% of all purchasing decisions, only one quarter of financial advisors are women. However, the financial advisory profession is one truly suited to women’s innate abilities to be empathizers and relationship builders.

In today’s blog post, Amy Sitnick provides ten ways women advisors can thrive and succeed through marketing.

LinkedIn Etiquette 101

 As you know, we recently conducted a webinar on “Winning New Business Using Social Media.”  Of course, I can tell you why social media is such a great thing till […]

When Advisors Attack (Social Media): Q&A from the FPA Panel

Our resident social media expert, Amy Sitnick, recently participated in a business development panel as part of FPA Philadelphia’s NexGen Professional Development series. Miss the live event? Read today’s blog post for a Q&A on social media for financial advisors, and get ideas on how you can incorporate online tactics to grow your client base.

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Advisors + Social Media = New Clients (And We’ll Show You the Math)

More and more advisors are using social media (3 out 4 to be exact), but do you find yourself asking, “What’s the real value?” It can be much more than just branding. After all, increased website traffic is all well and good, but how can you convert those “lurkers” into real, qualified prospects?

If you find yourself asking this question, read today’s blog post from Amy Sitnick, with highlights from SEI’s upcoming webinar with Ted Jenkin – nationally-ranked advisor who has grown his business throgh social media.

The Evolution of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing (And What It Means for Your Business)

There’s no question that word-of-mouth has always been the best form of marketing. What’s changed, however, is how we can now solicit information from our networks. Sure, we still ask our friends, family, and co-workers for their feedback and share our experiences, only now we’re using technology to do it. Today’s guest blog post from Dave Charest of Constant Contact tells you why your online presence is the key to more introductions from prized potential prospects.

Butts in Seats: How Advisors Can Use Social Media to Get Prospects to Your Events and Referrals to Your Office

Social media can give you the “oomph” to achieve the offline business development objectives that you’ve been pining to do just a little bit better. So before you say social media doesn’t work for business development, try using it to amplify the tactics that have worked for you in the past – namely, referrals and events.

To find out how, read today’s blog post from Amy Sitnick to find out what you can start doing online.

Twitter Prospecting for Advisors

In general, advisors “get” LinkedIn and most have a profile, some also have a Facebook account; however, advisors have the most questions about Twitter. What is it? How are other people using it? Get in the know about this important social media platform by reading today’s guest blog post by Brian Hart of Flackable.

The Planning Area Most Advisors Don’t Know About (but Should)

In our exploding digital world, it’s essential to help clients plan for both their real-life estates, but also their digital estate plan as well. In today’s blog post by Amy Sitnick, you’ll hear how you, as a financial advisor, can help clients carefully plan the transfer of digital assets in order to protect their privacy and legacy.

This post includes end-of-life planning suggestions and guidelines for discontinuing the social media accounts of a loved one.



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