Advisors: A Three-Pronged Approach to Improving Your Facebook Content

Feb 13, 2014

The following is a blog post by Amy Sitnick, Senior Marketing Manager for the SEI Advisor Network and self-described social media addict. Connect with her on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter. Also – be sure to check out the SEI Advisor Network Facebook page!

The 2014 Financial Advisor Social Media Study was completed by a whopping 917 advisors (wow!) and recently ran an article by Kevin Nichols highlighting why financial advisors use Facebook, substantiated with real life examples from Oeschli Institute clients. What did they find? In short, advisors are using Facebook, and the segment that has really embraced Facebook are using it not just for humanizing and branding for their firm, but to get new business.

I think Facebook might just be the most important social network for financial advisors. After all, it’s where clients discuss every last detail of their lives, including key life events such as new relationships, births, travel, retirement, and more. It’s not just for “the kids.” Teens and young twenty-somethings are actually increasingly moving on to other social platforms, such as Instagram and SnapChat.

But I’m not going to sell you Facebook. As you can see from the Oeschli research linked above, advisors are using it more and more, and getting new business and developing deeper client relationships as a result.

Instead, I’d rather give you some examples of content that would be appropriate for you as a financial advisor to share on Facebook.

What about compliance?

A frequent obstacle that I hear about getting started with on Facebook is compliance. After all, how could broker dealers pre-review the volume of content needed to post daily and still remain timely? But they can. Facebook isn’t your website, and it shouldn’t just be about the markets. People want to be entertained and get to know you on a personal level. That said, you can batch up a week’s worth of content, send it off to compliance, and be set for the upcoming week.

So what are you going to say?

Use a three-pronged approach to content to highlight:

  1. Tie-ins to your investment business
  2. Your clients’ life events and interests
  3. You as a person

According to Facebook, additions to the family, travel, and losing loved ones have all been cited as among the most-frequently posted content.  So why not develop campaigns in line with what your community is already discussing?

If your clients are on the younger side, and talking about having a new baby:

  • Finance tie-in: Ideas for saving for 529 plans or other money-saving ideas
  • Client interest tie-in: Articles on Baby Name trends or invitations to upcoming consignment sales in your area.
  • Personal tie-in: Pictures of your family and children (often these will get the most engagement – even though this has nothing to do with your actual business).

If they travel:

  • Finance tie-in: Share articles on saving for vacations or even about the growing trend of “home swapping.”
  • Client interest tie-in: Spotlight a certain vacation spot, or local hidden gems such as parks, restaurants and music venues close to your office that will make your clients feel like they’ve gotten away.
  • Personal tie-in: Pictures of you and your family on vacation, or your staff members.

And because baby boomers and their elders are among the fastest growing demographic on Facebook, retirement-oriented topics are also suitable:

  • Finance tie-in: Articles on making retirement income last. Here’s a quick tip – this is a great opportunity for you to showcase articles that you may have written, especially if your firm has a blog, or point to other approved content on your website.
  • Client interest tie-in: Showcase volunteer opportunities, hobbies common among retirees, or discounts available locally for those over 65.
  • Personal tie-in: Share your own hopes and dreams for retirement, such as trips that you would like to take.

There’s lots of other things that you can promote – including upcoming holidays, as well as your own client events, and if you’re like us in the Northeast – this winter’s crazy weather happenings. And don’t forget about changing up the formats of your posts! To keep the interest of your readers, include a mixture of pictures (even taken with your iPhone), text updates and links to articles.

Pay attention to what resonates

If your Facebook page is anything like ours, you may be surprised by what gets the most engagement from your followers.

One campaign that we’ve recently initiated that has gotten a lot of traction on the SEI Advisor Network fan Page is “Whiteboard Wednesday.” Lezynski

The goal of this campaign is to humanize the SEI Advisor Network – to put faces with names, as well as to showcase all of the services that we offer our target audience – independent financial advisors.

This is an easy thing that you could replicate for your own firm – showcase your firm’s staff, and all of the services you provide clients.

Stay in touch with us

Visit our fan page to for additional ideas, as well as content that you can share with clients:

  • Market Minute: An investor-approved video posted every Friday that you can share with your clients
  • A feed of our Practically Speaking blog posts
  • Trivia and fun facts about SEI
  • A personal look at our team members

If you already have a Facebook fanpage, what is your content strategy? And what would you like to see more of from SEI on Facebook?


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Amy Sitnick

Amy Sitnick

Amy Sitnick is the social media contributor for Practically Speaking and also serves as a senior marketing manager for the SEI Advisor Network.

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