Back to the Future: Kick Off 2012 Right with Tips from 2011

Today’s Cup of Links won’t take you to Investment News or Financial Planning. It won’t take you to the Wall Street Journal, either. In fact, we’re staying right here.

We created Practically Speaking in 2011 to be a resource for advisors. Our goal, as the subhead reads, is to give advisors common-sense ideas to grow their advisory business. 

Hopefully, we’ve done that and entertained you along the way – most recently with the ugly sweater contest and the Events with Payback video.

However, earlier in the year, we created some of the earliest and in my opinion, most valuable blog posts. I’ve included them below for you to peruse and consider as you’re finalizing your 2012 business plan.

Want to See How Your Prospects See You? Go Ugly.
Do you want to be viewed as a financial product pusher, or a holistic wealth planner? Sometimes we aim to be one thing but in fact, we end up appearing the exact opposite. This post suggests that you take an “ugly look” around your office – so you see what your clients see. Do you create an inviting environment that reflects your clients‘ interests? It’s time to dust off those old awards laying around the office and turn the channel in your lounge from CNBC to HGTV.

Torture Worth Enduring
I’m not a runner, but I do it every day anyway because I know it’s good for me.  In my opinion, marketing is a lot like running. It’s hard to get started and stick with it, but it has a lot of benefits. Learn how you can start marketing and stick to it in 2012.

Advisors, Tame Your Time
From time to time, we invite guest bloggers to contribute articles on Practically Speaking. This was one of my favorites. Penned by Paul Klingsman – a professional speaker and coach for the financial industry, the post discusses why time-blocking is the key to being the most productive and effective advisor (and you!) that you can be.

Advisors: Who Is Your GPS?
Now that it’s cold, hopefully you’re planning to take a quick getaway someplace warm. This post highlighting my summer family vacation to Maine not only reminds me of a fun family vacation, but also reaffirms that you need to have a GPS. It’s more than having a marketing plan in the mind of the advisor – it’s having a plan that the whole firm knows and can keep you accountable for. 

I can’t think of a better way to leave you motivated to plan for 2012!

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John Anderson

John Anderson

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