Advisors: Just How Referable Are You? Find Out

Mar 23, 2017


I write a lot about referrals, which kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? Most advisors want to grow and most grow by referrals, so it’s just obvious that we need to talk about the best practices. But every time I write something about referrals, it always starts with one (typically unanswered) question: Just how referable are you? In fact, it was my first point in this Investment News article I wrote back in 2013: Referrals: It’s Not Them, It’s You. Don’t you need to know how referable you are in order to get better at it?

Let’s find out.

The referability question has bugged me for years. I think it’s pretty difficult to look objectively at your business, warts and all, and get a true picture of what your clients see. We typically don’t talk to the prospects we don’t sign, so we can’t find the answers as to why they chose someone else or decided to keep working on their own. There is no real benchmark for referrals and what can be done better – until now.

Julie Littlechild (Absolute Engagement) and Steve Wershing (The Client Driven Practice), have just announced a new benchmarking tool called the Referability IndexTM.

The Referability Index starts with a detailed survey of your business today, and examines some of the following issues:

  • The number and size of referrals being generated
  • The specific tactics being used in your business, including but not limited to branding, communications, events and client feedback
  • The approaches you’re taking, designed specifically to generate referrals
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What is your score?

The survey will be open until March 31; participants will get a complimentary preliminary assessment and Referability Index score. For a little more than 30 minutes of your time, the assessment will provide both a benchmark and a roadmap for your business, helping you identify exactly where to focus to attract more referrals. Some of the results you may discover:

  • Whether adjusting your service model can help you attract more referrals
  • How effectively your website helps you land people your clients refer
  • How effectively you are attracting referrals, compared to similar advisory firms

How referable are you?

Good question. Care to find out? Take the assessment now.

Plus, everyone who completes the full assessment by March 31 will be entered in a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card (three winners will be chosen). Please refer to the Sweepstakes Terms, Conditions and Official Rules for more information.

Please note: The assessment can’t be restarted if you are interrupted. Please make sure you have about 35 minutes to complete it before clicking on the link to begin.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact

Julie Littlechild (Absolute Engagement) and Steve Wershing (The Client Driven Practice) are not affiliated with SEI or its subsidiaries.

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