Kicking it Old School: Get Back to Basics with Your Clients (and Yourself)


Over the last month, I have seen many of my friends’ Facebook posts of their kids’ first day of school. For some reason, our kids’ school starts later than many others. Each year, we take advantage of that by heading off to a huge waterpark hotel as a final goodbye to summer. We also know the place will be relatively empty (and heavily discounted) with the other kids back in school. So as I sit in the lobby at 6 a.m. with my computer and coffee, the thought of “back to school” comes to mind – not for my kids, but for advisors.

Over the years, I have written a number of articles with a back-to-school theme. That’s because it’s a great analogy for an advisor’s business. In Advisors: Time to Get Schooled, With Class, I looked at studies by CEG and the Oechsli Institute and asked if you were ready to learn more about your clients, your business or your craft. Also, when is the last time you looked in a mirror before going to work? How does your school uniform look?

In Take Your Clients “Back to School, I shared an idea for a service model event for advisors. You don’t have to squeeze into a 4th grader’s chair to learn the lesson that setting expectations for your clients, educating them on your services and reminding them of your value proposition are all good things. In today’s DOL world, it makes sense more than ever to hold that “back to school night” for your clients and really strengthen those relationships.

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The Andersons start school tomorrow. Think about this time of year as back to school for your business – whether it is a commitment to lifelong learning or holding a back to school night. It can only help your business and you don’t have to take a big yellow bus to get there.

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John Anderson

John Anderson

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