Happy Holidays from SEI; Ugly Sweater Winner Crowned

Well, I said I would go first.

Here is a sample of some of the sweaters at for our annual Ugly Sweater Day.  For those of you who didn’t see it, here is the post that started it all

We even had a contest this year, with each participant putting a dollar in a jar and the winner taking home the cash.   We had a lot of fun – and we cleaned our desks, too. 

I have gotten a lot of great emails and comments about this idea but I haven’t seen any pictures yet.  (hint, hint)   I look forward to seeing some of the shots next year.  Jerry (in the back with the Christmas teddy bear sweater) won the prize this year.  And for the record, this is as *ugly* as my sweaters get.  (first row, far right)

From our cozy team to yours, happy holidays!

Featured Employees

Front Row: Michele Amodei, Amy Sitnick, Jason Clossin, Matt Baker, Brian Briggs, Jeff Wildermuth, John Anderson
Back Row: Erich Holland, Joe Fox, Zach Phipps, Nicole Koedyker, Patrice Colancecco, Jerry Lezynski, Sue Scott, Trish Wilkinson, Jessica Kienle, Dean Mioli, Steve Konopka

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John Anderson

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